The Dowland Manuscript (Annotated) (Constitution Series Book 3) – Kindle edition by James Dowland, Bonificio Masonic Library. Download it once and read it. The oldest of this kind is the manuscript of a poem called. Constitutiones artis In , James Dowland published in Gentleman’s Magazine the copy of an old. late 16th/early 17th century manuscript with lute music by John Dowland by lemon-kun in Types > School Work, manuscript, and dowland.

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The first claimed by modern Freemasons as the lineal ancestors of their own Charges relate to the self-organisation of masons as a fraternity with mutual responsibilities.

It is also known as the Regius Manuscript, as it was found within a group of other documents and renamed at a later date. Hughan also mentions that dosland was probably manuscrpt by a priest. Most numerous are the Old Charges or Constitutions.

In the top tableau the woman, fish and animals are pink, the sea green, and the tree and mountains brown. In this, it differs from the prose of all the later charges. The Earl of Dalkeith was then elected as the next Grand Master, but his chosen deputy, John Theophilus Desagulierswas only approved by 43 votes to Woodford, Hughan, Speth and Gould, all founders of Quatuor Coronati Lodgeand Dr Begemann, a German Freemason, produced much published work in the second half of the nineteenth century, collating, cataloguing, and classifying the available material.


The document ends by thanking Archibald Barclay, and looking forward to obtaining the King’s warrant for the statutes. A few of them are specimens of Gothic script. And other moe charges he gave them. And then they did crye through all the realme, if there was any man that could informe them, that he should come to them, and he manuscriipt be soe rewarded for his travail, that he should hold him pleased.


Cambridge Digital Library

They elected the master of works of Strasbourg Cathedral as their perpetual presiding officer. Order of the Eastern Star Watches from: This entry was posted in woodworking. It is believed to have been written during the operative stone mason times during the late Middle Ages: The seven sciences were then passed down through Nimroddowlznd architect of the Tower dowlznd Babelto Abrahamwho taught them to the Egyptiansincluding Euclid, who manuscrript turn taught masonry to the children of the nobility as an instructive discipline.

He sende about ynto the londe While there seems little likelihood that the code affected the emergence of German speculative lodges in the 18th century, they may have had some influence on a few of the English “charges”.

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Schaw also insisted that each lodge employ a notary, which resulted in the Scottish lodges starting to keep minutes. And then the King of the land made a great Counsell and a parliament, to witt, how they might find their children honestly as gentle-men. Fill in your details below or click manhscript icon to log in: Recent analysis of the Middle English of the document date it to the same period as the writing, aroundimplying that the source or sources from which it was copied were almost contemporary with the Cooke, and contemporary with, or only slightly later than the Regius poem.

Catalog Record: The Folger ‘Dowland’ manuscript | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Written mainly in Latin until the Reformationthey comprise accounts, letters, and other documents relating to the building and maintenance of the church. Lodge minutes of 27 December state; – “Bro. It is often impossible to tell if the minutes are lost, were never taken, or the lodge mnauscript not meet at all. This ended in abuse of power, and the Magistrates removed the privilege in The controversy was caused by the short paragraph describing how the oath was to be taken.

Catalog Record: The Folger ‘Dowland’ manuscript | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Andrew Sinclair, a leading proponent of Freemasonry’s descent from the Knights Templarhailed it as a great mediaeval treasure, comparable with the Mappa Mundi in Hereford Cathedral. Describing them all is beyond the dowpand of a single article, and unnecessary since differences are only in details, such as occasional clumsy attempts to deal with the absence of Edwin, Athelstan’s son, from any historical record.


And furthermore diverse Assembles have beene put and ordayned certaine charges by the best advice of Manusvript and fellowes. And they had not competent livelode to find with their children: The records trace the development of the lodge from an operative to a speculative society.

Obvious scribal errors indicate that the document is a copy, and repetition of part of the stories of Euclid and Athelstan seems to indicate two sources.

In lineAnd in policronico a cronycle p’ynedCooke translated the last word as “printed”, causing Hughan to give the earliest date as Caxton’s Polychronicon of The requirement for every new admission to be sworn to the Old Charges on the bible now meant that every lodge should have its own manuscript charges, and over a hundred survive from the seventeenth century until the period in the eighteenth when their use died out.

In this case we are told that the first charges proceeded from Euclid’s instruction of the sons of the Egyptian Lords. The first entries are terse and not always helpful, expanding as successive secretaries became more conscientious.

The Old Records of the Fraternity of Operative Freemasons, under the general name of Old Constitutions, or Old Charges, were written in the fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries.