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Or, again, though they might produce it in a certain degree, other conditions might produce it in a still greater degree, while at the same time opening the way to the attainment of still higher states and still better conditions. And if this is so, then this fact is eternally true regarding every human being. Judge Troward worked in India in the s.

But all the time there has been no change in the Universal Spirit, the only change has been in the mental attitude of the individual–he has come into a new thought, a clearer perception of God. Therefore, since the Divine cannot change its inherent nature, it must operate in the same manner in me; consequently in my own special world, of which I am the centre, it will move forward to produce new conditions, always in advance of any that have gone before. At the same time it will be found that, although not specially so designed, there is a certain progressive development of thought through the dozen lectures which compose this volume, the reason for which is that they all aim at expressing the same fundamental idea, namely that, though the laws of the universe can never be broken, they can be made to work under special conditions which will produce results that could not be produced under the conditions spontaneously provided by nature.

The Creative Process in the Individual By: It is for this reason that man is said to be created in the image and likeness of God; and if we realize that it is impossible for him to be otherwise, we shall find a firm foundation from which to draw many important deductions. These are droe mere fancies but the expression of strictly scientific principles, in their application to the deepest problems of thomss individual life; and their basis is that each one’s world, whether in or out of the flesh, must necessarily be created by his own consciousness, and, in its turn, his mode of consciousness will necessarily take its colour front his conception of his relation to the Divine Mind– to the exclusion of light and colour, if he realizes no Divine Mind, and to their building up into forms of beauty in proportion as he realizes his identity of being with that All-Originating Spirit which is Light, Love, and Beauty in itself.

This special edition is narrated and introduced by New Thought author and historian Mitch Horowitz, who explains lecturee to get the most from the book. In the two preceding lectures I have endeavoured to reach some conception of what the All-originating Spirit is in itself, and of the relation of the individual to it. The knowledge of a principle is to be gained by the study of its affirmative action; when we understand THAT we are in a position to correct the negative conditions which tend to prevent that action.


In like manner the power of the Universal Mind takes particular forms through the particular mind of the individual. This summary was very good and you should get it This summary explains how to lectrues his methods lsctures accomplish what you need to do to make your dreams come true.

The reason is that he trowsrd a greater intelligence than his own to take the initiative; and since he knows that this Intelligence is also the very Principle of Life itself, he cannot have any fear that it will act in any way to the diminution of his individual life, for that would be to stultify its own trowsrd would be self-destructive action which is a contradiction in terms to the conception of Creative Spirit.

The creative process thus in the first instance is purely a matter of feeling–exactly what we speak of as “motif” in a work of art. Thus the Spirit thinks through our thought only its thought is greater than ours. We trowward take this on any scale from the creation of a cosmos to the creation of a lady’s robe.

Give as a gift.

It gets you focused on your dreams and goals with very simple to understand directions. But what we do not know is the greater thought that is all the time giving rise to our smaller thought, and which will open out from it as our lesser thought progresses into form.

When we tfoward this we have realized a general principle, which we find at work everywhere. That is what makes the difference between our old thought and our new thought.

Thomas Troward – Dore Lectures on Mental Science – Hermetik International

Now our object is to get out of this circle of limitation, and the only way to do so is to get our thoughts and feelings moulded into new forms continually advancing to greater and greater perfection. This is necessarily inherent in the nature of the creative process.

When we realize the truth about the Creative Process, we see that the originating life is not physical: This shows us that in essence the thing already existed in the thought. It is to quit the plane of First Cause and descend into the realm of secondary causation and lose ourselves amid the confusion of a multiplicity of relative causes and effects without grasping any unifying principle behind them.

The Doré Lectures by T. Troward

So far as we can form any conception of thomzs things at all we see that they are universal principles applicable to all nature, and, at the human level, applicable to all men: This book contains twelve lectures that reveal how one can use the power of the mind to effect natural laws of the universe in positive ways. The thought of the author, the impression of the painter, the feeling of the musician, is that without which their works could never have come into being, and so it is only as we enter into the IDEA which gives rise to the work, that we can derive all the enjoyment and benefit from it which it is able to bestow.


We shall know exactly what we want to do and why we want to do it, and so will act in a reasonable and intelligent manner. Therefore it is written, “Despise not the day of small dire. In proportion then as we learn to dissociate our conception of ourselves from particular circumstances, and to rest upon our ABSOLUTE nature, as reflections of the Divine ideal, we, in our turn, reflect back into the Divine Imagination its original conception of itself as expressed in generic or typical Man, and so by a natural law of cause and effect, the individual who realizes this mental attitude enters permanently into the Spirit of Life, and it becomes a perennial fountain of Life springing up spontaneously within him.

We find this principle constantly referred to in Scripture–the completion of a prior series in the number Seven, and the starting of a new series by the number Eight, which takes the same place in the second series that the number One did in the first.

This is not a reward arbitrarily bestowed upon us for holding dogmatically to certain mere verbal statements, but it is the natural result of understanding the supreme law of our own being.

This path may be very narrow and humble in its beginning, but it ever grows wider and mounts higher, for it is the continually expanding expression of the Life of the Spirit which is infinite and knows no limits.

He may worship such a God, but his worship is only the worship of fear and ignorance, and there is no personal interest in the matter except to escape some dreaded punishment.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Then also we need not be troubled about future conditions because we know that the All-originating Power eore working through us and for us, and that according to the Law proved by the whole existing creation, it produces all the conditions sore for the droe of the Life, Love and Beauty which it is, so that we can fully trust it to open the way as we go along.