The story of the last world war, as told by Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz himself. His memoir covers his early career with submarines in the First World War and. Author: Doenitz, Karl (), Description: A very scarce “PROOF ONLY” paperback copy of the renowned Admiral’s account of Germany’s Second World. Results 1 – 29 of 29 Memoirs by Karl Doenitz and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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The US Navy was entirely unprepared for antisubmarine warfare despite having had two years of British experience to draw from, and committed every eoenitz mistake.

Terje Juland rated it liked it May 03, A terrific read for anyone interested in the mindset of a great military leader. Karl Doenitz was a military man, gentleman, and officer who could trace his noble ancestry and service to Dkenitz then Prussia back some several centuries. Apr 26, Jean-Vincent rated it it was amazing Shelves: Published March 22nd by Da Capo Press first published The major German naval operation of the war was the invasion of Norway in April For a time, this change caused considerable difficulty for Allied deonitz ; memooirs took 10 months before Shark traffic could be read see also Ultra codebreaking and Cryptanalysis of the Downitz.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Get to Know Us. One becomes a small part of the Kriegsmarine, while reading this memoirs. Commander of the U-boat fleet, Supreme Naval Commander, and finally Hitler’s successor in the last days of the Third Reich, Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz — has been condemned as a Nazi and praised as one of the most brilliant and honorable military leaders of the war.


It’s also very intersting to learn that Doenitz knew nothing of the persecution of the Jewish people, and in fact, was appalled to learn of it at the end of the war.

Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. With earlier and better support from Hitler he could have made our victory much more difficult and painful. Why did he choose a prim and proper military leader like Doenitz?

The only missing part are his thoughts about the Nuremberg Trial and his imprisonment. Andrew Boyd rated it really liked it Jan 05, The British believed that the submarine was no longer a menace because when submerged they could be located by the echos from sound pulses: I can see that a lot of the innovations in the modern submarine technology came off German designs.

U-boats launched four attacks on memoies battleship, fourteen on a cruiser, ten on a destroyer, and ten on transports, but owing to misses or to torpedoes that failed to explode only one transport was sunk.

Portals Access related topics. Vizeadmiral Vice Admiral [62].

The Memoirs of Karl Doenitz

Views Read Edit View history. Memoies out more on Wikipedia’s Sister projects. Doenitz includes details of the U-boat campaigns during the Second World War as well as the opinions, ideas and commentary on the period.

I feel it is always good to know history from a perspective other than that of your own country.

Memoirs of Ten Years and Twenty Days.

Inhe was commanding UB when she was sunk by British forces. German Submarines in Canadian Waters. Steve rated it really liked it Sep 16, The marked inferiority of the German surface fleet left submarine warfare as Germany’s primary naval option once war broke out.

I enjoyed the book as history and as an accurate a portrayal of the “Submarine War” as we are likely to find. During his reign he offered doenitzz proposal for capitulation to England, but still wanted to keep fighting the Russians.


Highly recommended for anyone interested in this particular theater of operation and submarine warfare. Akash Laddha rated it really liked it Feb 12, A Collection of Agreements and Documents with Commentaries. Inthe Reichsmarine was renamed Kriegsmarine by the Nazis.

Memoirs Of Ten Years And Twenty Days. – DOENITZ Admiral

Oberbefehlshaber der Marine — The Germans were certainly the aggressors, but Doenitz’ memoir revealed to me the personal struggle that a professional naval officer endured to fight for what he believed in and to serve his country to the best of his abilities.

Unfortunately for Germany his prescient advice was seldom heeded until the very end of the conflict.

Dec 01, Nebras rated it it was amazing. Doenitz was a charismatic man and a rare officer who preferred to lead his subordinates by example. Klaus was killed on 13 May while taking part in an action contrary to standing orders prohibiting his involvement in any combat role. Divided along party lines, beset with the spreading poison of Jewry and vulnerable to it, because we lacked the defense of our present uncompromising ideology, we would have long since succumbed under the burden of this war and delivered ourselves to the enemy who would have mercilessly destroyed us.

Sentenced to ten years at the Nuremberg Trials, Memoids wrote his memoirs upon memois release. The prudential leadership of Karl Doenitz saved millions of German lives at the very end of the war, and in memirs own opinion this is his greatest legacy.