Brief Description, Players take the roles of “Combat Group Commanders,” leading ad-hoc battle formations composed of multiple platoon-sized elements. Rules. It looks like there is a renewed interest in the SF Dirtside II set of miniatures rules especially that they are a free download. I thought I would post. Dirtside II and other 6mm scifi combat games has members. Group about scifi ground combat game Dirtside II from company Ground zero games.

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Then came tiny tanks and troopers to fight alongside the titans and suddenly I was playing 6mm armoured games again albeit in a fantasy world. Probably one of the best sets for the money. I have to admit that DS2 is one damn good game.

I never got involved with GW at all for many years although I did keep in touch with what they were doing through the magazines. Finally the Eirtside Zero Games figures became the Imperial guard grunts. Clayton Randall December 22 at 8: Danny Gurule dgurule jeppesen. Rules cover armor, infantry, artillery, combat walkers, and aerospace support forces.

Tuffley and Elliot deserve a lot of credit for this system. Gradually iii interests came and went and somewhere in the process I moved from England to Spain. Hard to explain just the way it felt. KS fulfillment from Bradley Miniatures has arrived. Is there any unit builder software for DS II? Combat is bloody and quick. Anyway to cut a dortside story short, whilst visiting a wargames show in the UK I spotted a set of rules written by Jon Tuffley and Mike Elliot.


The way that GW is treating Epic I fear for its future, so I guess I’ll be playing a lot more Dirtside from now on, at the very least a lot more for the next year or so.

December 24 at 7: Each miniature represents an individual combatant.

Miniatures Rules: Dirtside II Science Fiction Miniatures Game

The op-firing unit then loses its phase for that turn. I have played Sci-Fi miniature rirtside for years. Out came the pen and paper and that wonderful part of gaming called planning began.

At least that’s how it affected me. Bigger vehicles can have heavier armor and bigger guns, but they’re more expensive and easier to hit. There is no perfect vehicle. Opportunity fire can be taken by any unit that hasn’t moved yet and sees an enemy unit move.

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Jon Tuffley jon gzero. It moves, shoots, does everything. Then one fine day an impulse buy found me as the proud owner of Adeptus Titanicus. Vanguard Miniatures added 3 new photos. Dirtsie you have material you would like to make available to the Net, also let us know.


This game has a great system. Anti-tank guns are great – unless you’re facing infantry.

If you would like to add your opinion to this webpage, use the following form or send email to the editor. All in all, a great game at a li price. A points system allows competing forces to be compared, and a vehicle design system allows players to add innovative vehicles. Finally found some time to finish these trucks. Rico Danan December 26 at 3: Each player moves an entire unit. I have been a life long xirtsidemainly historical with minor flights into fantasy many years ago. My GW marines stayed in that role but were re organised into formal brigades.