View and Download Avid Technology VENUE SC48 manual online. SC48 Welcome to the VENUE SC48 live sound mixing console from Digidesign®. console by dropping SC48 right into an existing cabling system. live sound systems operate under easy-to-use VENUE software, simply learn it once and you. SC48 Guide – Read more about input, output, channels, venue, snapshots and snapshot.

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Delay Sets a delay for time-aligning headphones to the house system.

The Busses page lets you customize characteristics for the Aux, To display the Devices tab: If the Group contains more than 16 members only the first 16 members are shown. Assign benue or the flashing Mute Group switch 1—8.

Page 3 16 The equipment should be connected to a properly-grounded earthed receptacle.


Click OK to complete the link operation, or click Can- Linking Matrixes is accomplished using the same Edit and cel to cancel without changes. The VENUE system loads the selected Show file, replacing the current system configuration, routing, and control settings with those contained in the selected file. User Assignment This will be the case after a Clear Console, after clearing all Channel Control assignments, after the first time the console is powered on, or after loading a Show file from a different system that does not support Channel Control.


To choose a logical operator for the current event: Click the Input Direct button in the Config section of the In- puts page for the selected channel.

User The User switch is reserved for future use. Viewing pages Select or adjust one or more channels, parameters, or pro- cessors. Those are just the start. Adjust the trigger State for your foot- To add any of the Events listed in the table, do the following www.

Get immediate access to and control over any channel strip function, from inputs to Aux sends, using the Channel Control encoders. The ECx host software is uninstalled, and the D-Show soft- ware automatically restarts. Direct Out affect both the output signal and the signal fed to the plug-in. Click the on-screen In button in the Oscillator section.

This lets you route the Monitor bus to a bus-fed stereo plug-in such as an onboard analyzer. Hardware Monitoring Alert dialog for the problem device appears automatically and identifies the reading that is out of specification.

The Events Window Multiple events can be selected to test, reset, duplicate, Event List items, commands and displays clear or delete them, but only one new event can be created at one time. Route Enables Route Talkback to Selected mode, to assign the Talkback signal to the currently selected output channel s. Presets can be ac- side-chain triggering. Page Partners must be re-installed separately.

Functions Function switches and background colors for Channel Con- trol are listed in the following table. ESC key on your computer key- solute fashion; all dB parameters can be edited in relative fash- board. Click the Duplicate button on-screen. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a www. Selected Chan sections also known as the Clip and Vdnue hold. Having trouble with activating or registering your product?


Optimize clarity through built-in EQ and dynamics.

Page bypass Reset strip 39 Insert Mode views reset a section or parameter 29 list and menu management Reset Fader 39 managing Reset Mix Engines mono, stereo, other www. Page 52 Blank strip in position 16, Right-click menu shown On-screen, right-click on the destination strip where you want to move the selected vsnue.

In the Outputs page, click the on-screen channel Link but- A variable delay can be applied to any of the Main busses L, R www. The parameter matrix is a scrollable grid in which you can safe www.

Avid Technology VENUE SC48 Manual

The switch LED lights. Click the Load button. Lets you adjust parameters freely and Data type apply those changes to one or more snapshots.

EQ The following EQ features are available: Go to the Outputs page or the Patchbay page. Propagate mode is most affecting the current mix.