Develop INEO Equivalent Cross-Reference Guide – Free Shipping for Orders Over $ Develop Ineo Photocopier from Photocopiers R Us – Canon Copiers – Canon Photocopiers. DEVELOP INEO – laser MFP – cartridges –

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It contains important information related to user safety and preventing equipment problems.

Develop ineo 213 Manuals

When A Message Appears A diagonal line indicates a prohibited course of action. Automatically Conserving Energy power Save Mode Product Guide Ineo Erasing Sections Of Copies “erase” Function Load a document into the document feeder. Paper orientation Lengthwise w If the length Y is longer than the width Xthe paper orientation is indicated by w. Load envelopes into the manual bypass tray one at a time.

Selecting A Density Setting The default binding setting is for left-bound books. Table of contents Table Of Contents Is the copy density set too light? This symbol warns against possible causes of burns. Turn the machine off, then on again. The machine does not enter Copy mode. Detail Text highlighted in this manner contains references for more detailed information.

Press any key in the control panel to cancel Power Save mode. Using the document feeder 1 Load the document into the document feeder. If the optional multi bypass tray has not been installed, install the enclosed tray extension.

Indicates that plain paper is selected. Replace the toner bottle with a new one. For a comfortable, healthy, and safe operating environment, it is recommended decelop the room be well ventilated.


Copying Onto Non-standard-sized Paper Mixed Width Document Sizes df Using The Original Glass For details on selecting settings for special paper, refer to “Specifying settings for the paper loaded into the 1st paper drawer “TRAY1 PAPER” parameter ” on page or “Copying onto manually fed paper multi bypass tray ” on page Part name Description 22 [Fax] key Press to enter Fax mode.

Account Track Data Set first Copy Quantity Mode B: Entering the account number! Remove all paper from the upper output tray of the job separator. If an unavailable parameter is selected, an error message appears. Using the keypad, type in the desired number of copies, and then press the [Start] key.

Develop ineo User Guide |

Detail The default settings can be changed from Utility mode. Do not load so many envelopes into the multi bypass tray ddvelop the top of the stack is higher than themark. Making Copies Using The “neg.

Otherwise you can not pull out the power plug when an emergency occurs. Failure oneo do that could result in a fire or electrical shock. Follow the instructions in any messages that appear on the display.

Develop ineo Manuals

Gdi-printer Specifications standard Select this setting sevelop copying text documents to emphasize contours and reproduce text documents with sharpness. Actions In Response To Troubles Selecting the print density Financial instruments – Personal checks Travelers checks Money orders Certificates of deposit Bonds devepop other certificates of indebtedness Stock certificates Legal documents – Food stamps Postage stamps canceled or uncanceled Checks or drafts drawn by government agencies Internal revenue stamps canceled or uncanceled Passports Immigration papers Motor vehicle devwlop and titles House and property titles and deeds General – Identification cards, badges, or insignias Copyrighted works without permission of the copyright owner In addition, it is prohibited under any circumstances to copy domestic or foreign currencies, or works of art, without permission of the copyright owner.


Up to two paper drawers can be develol on this desk. The indicator on the key lights up in green to indicate that the machine is in Fax mode.

Never use a mild household detergent or glass cleaner to clean the control panel. The PC drum unit has reached the end of its service life. Inside Of Machine The correct type of document must be loaded in order for the document feeder to function properly. Heat could accumulate inside the product, resulting in a fire or malfunction.

If the product employs a laser, the laser beam source could cause blindness.

For details, refer to “Function combination matrix” on page In1 Copy Order