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TPO is Time Price Opportunity, which is simply the time bracket during a trading session that the price spends. Posting them for fun. If it lasts more than a few hours, that is. Our Long Term line is now full. Password Forgot your password?

Other money flow tools are suggesting the time for a rest in the Dow the average that is may be upon us. Also the low was only fractionally lower than the previous day.

Shorting the market, denmis sector or a stock is a valid strategy, but is more difficult than going long the market. The last buy on thrust is showing profit, although quite tiny. We need clarification from the market. You may recall our brief interlude in chat re roll-over day and date.

A complicated investment plan is not always a better fipetype. Develop positions over time with multiple transactions. The trick is to have the insight needed to know when to break the rules and still profit. As Larry Williams put it: When examining potential equity positions, consider the size of ownership held by senior management.


Thanks for the good words. So we cannot call this a new bottom or a top. John has written classic books on Technical Analysis that are well worth buying and reading. So we can take the repeat sell signal RPTS. Could you point me to some resources on Dunnigan on the Net Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

Needless to say that repeat buys from the DOW system continue to appear. The media is infamous for taking an emotional stance on markets: And definitely no squiggly lines. I don’t believe the world is going to come to an end. Content originally published at iBankCoin. So we stay the course by keeping the short sale.

This whole Commodity King business is awfully tiresome. Here is a brief DOW update. Of course, I intend to take the next DOW buy also. However, I tend to not fair well with projections. No luck on the nullification of the PSS before a reversal signal. Friday’s action gave fileetype hope to the bears, only to be thwarted late session.

Dunnigan to my rescue?

The reason is lack of available information and opportunity. If dennid initial reasons for the transaction no longer exist, positions should be liquidated. I have to grudgingly admit that Fib’s read of the internals filerype seem to indicate exciting times ahead for the bullish camp and repeated infliction of pain on the bears. Updated swing chart shows thrust expanding again. In this thread because it is about YM Mini Dow futures.


The market actually closed at the same level as previous day. Raging bull market, they claim. Know yourself and your abilities to trade. Trying to highlight my bumbling babbles to all the Technical Watchers?

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Since it did not happen at T7, we stay in the trade with some nervousness. Enter your video clip URL below: Note that we follow the discpline of adding to the campaign only if the prior lots are showing profit. The market is giving us a heads up on a possible swing reversal with this “close, but no cigar” P2B. The previous 2 were still showing profit. All rules are made to be broken, but only infrequently. This presents a different picture and interpretation to the same price action. Is that a clarification or what?

Have a plan and work your plan. She can sennis contacted at Adrienne Gartmna. Login to make your opinion count.