Ultramarathon is Den Karnazes’s story: the mind-bogglingadventures of his nonstop treks through the hell of DeathValley, the incomprehensible fridigity of the. In one of his most ambitious physical efforts to date, Dean Karnazes attempted to run 50 marathons, in 50 states, in 50 days to raise awareness of youth. The Real-Life Diet of an Ultramarathoner Who Stays Away from Carbs. Courtesy of Dean Karnazes. Photo of Luke Darby. By. Luke Darby.

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I read the 1-star reviews before writing this review and I must say, some are true to a certain extent. But if you are into endurance yourself, and would like to get a feeling of what it is like in some of the world’s toughest races, you might enjoy some of this book. No mention of the many incredible female ultrarunners, but he does send a tampon as a joke to a male friend who’d just finished his first Western States His writing is simple and makes for a super quick read.

He wants to push his body and his mind to the limit and he works hard every day to do that. I am an ultra marathoner, scuba diver, adventurer, ultramaraton and father of an extremely active child. I loved this book from start to finish though it is like a compilation of race reports.

He makes the book easy to read, profound, awe inspiring and a testament to what the human I just finished reading this book about utramarathon mins ago and I am not sure of where to begin!

The book is really short. Instead of Scrabble or episodes of the West Wing which are our surefire date-defaults we decided to read in bed. It’s unfortunate that what could have been a really inspirational story about pushing oneself to the ultimate limit of physical endurance is overshadowed by the douchiness of the author. Some of my finest moments came while running down the open road, little more than a pair of shoes and shorts to my name. Retrieved November 27, A solid entry in the distance runner memoir genre.

I don’t think I will ever become and ultramarathon runner, or even a marathon uotramarathon for that matter, but in a word with endless possibilities I am inspired to never be content with mediocrity. I received this book as a gift from a friend.


But unlike many people, who run a marathon, hang up their medal and call it quits afterward, I am planning on adding many more miles to my running shoes.

In the world of these extreme athletes, Dean Karnazes is a rock star.

The Man Behind Ultramarathon Man | Trail Runner Magazine

Ultra-marathoner John Morelock defended Karnazes, but also said that Karnazes was “very good, not great. I recently picked up running as a way to get in shape, and it’s become a bit of a hobby. Preview — Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Yet we only see only one or two sentences in the book acknowledging this fact and to make things worse, he blows off his wife on arguably the most important weekend of her entire dental residency, her national boards test.

Book Review – Ultra Marathon Man by Dean Karnazes – borN

For Karnazes, the dream and the passion meet at running. The Road to Sparta: Pro Tips for Your Training. Dean Karnazes ran The Relay from Calistoga to Santa Cruz solo 10 times, starting in and most recently inrefueling with unconventional food and drink purchased along the route: Customers who bought this item also bought.

Lastly, you have to consider that he repeatedly refers to himself as crazy in the book, an attribution I’ve seen from other amazing distance runners, David Clark “Out There” coming to mind. He writes with an unexaggerated, self-depracating style that belies the feats he has accomplished. Hamming it up with his employees at U-Top It.

This was just a crazy fun book to read. Nonetheless you can feel the pain he went through, and found myself cringing occasionally when he described what went wrong next.

As some of the other reviewers dran though, he does seem a bit full of himself at many times. The uktramarathon is very engaging and I enjoyed reading it. The world’s 7 biggest sports bestseller. I didn’t expect it to be a guide to running, or a historical book – the title is as tongue in cheek, and so is the book.

As it turned out, the publication of Ultramarathon Man in fundamentally altered his life. Thompson ran 50 marathons all 50 states and D. At the end of the race, Coach McTavish commented: And indirectly, I trained for and signed up for my first ultramarathon because I read this book Ah, people hate Dean Karnazes Photo by Corey Rich But I had to wonder, with everything else he has going ultrakarathon, why did he open a fro-yo shop?


Too bad he’s really really monochromatic, boring and prone to ill-advised bouts of lyricism. The emotional scars last forever. All this he covers in one chapter.

Karnazes, who had barely broken a sweat, said he was happy to squeeze in a midday run, because he was preparing for the Gore-Tex TransRockies Run, a five-day staged race, and he needed some heat training. I did not expect to laugh out loud, but I did. His hope is that by doing these larger-than-life challenges, he can inspire others to take set out on their own adventures to capture the hopes and dreams that many of us have set aside as impossible.

Yes, Dean, I know that you’re an amazing runner although there are other u I’m a runner, and although I have not done and probably never will do an ultramarathon, I know quite a few ultramarathoners and thought this book would give me a better idea of the sport.

I’m not an excellent runner in any way, shape or form, nor will I ever be. But Karnazes has turned these somewhat self-absorbed escapades not into bravado, but into something more universal and inspirational.

The Man Behind Ultramarathon Man

The Western States mile was It seems that the gripe that most people have with this book is ulframarathon Dean comes across as very egotistic and arrogant. I needed dezn sense of purpose and clarity—and perhaps adventure.

Her death had devastated his close-knit, Greek family and prompted Dean to quit partying, earn an MBA and fast track a career in the marketing department of a health-care company. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?