Studio 3 User Guide Wireframes and Wireframing Functions An overview of Studio 3 Introductory Tutorial (Help | Tutorials | Introductory Tutorial) Studio 3 Datamine wireframe data is stored in two related files, a triangle file and a points file. (Datamine) Studio3. In this training, you will find principles and exercises associated with the following sections: 1. Getting Started: In this section you will learn. Page 3 Datamine Studio EM is tailor made to meet the needs of exploration geologists. Leveraging the base tool is available for manual image registration.

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Minimise Dilution and Ore Loss. A Datamine file can be thought of as a table of figures, with multiple columns to represent each type of information. This document is intended as a supplementary support document for all Studio 3 users. Evaluation is normally by partial block, but can optionally be done on a full-block basis in which any block with a MINED proportion greater than 0.

If the crossover toggle is on then any link that would contain crossovers is automatically rejected. When selecting a string to perform a wireframe ‘split’, it is important that the string in question is able to subdivide the wireframe data into two separate objects.

The centre of gravity of each triangle may be output. The normal vector is computed as the “cross futorial of two vectors that make up the side of the triangle. Unlink Triangle The Unlink Triangle command can be used to remove the edges connecting adjoining triangles, according to how they were originally linked together.

Studio 3 User Guide | Modelamiento Simmodmet –

Wireframe verification takes place according to a series of predefined settings. All three ways will result in the same normal.

Select a string in the Design window. Selects the part of the wireframe object bearing the surface number of the part clicked e.

You can also select a wireframe object prior to running a command — according to your wireframe data selection settings. As an example, the original topographical wireframe surface shown in the table that follows contains a total of faces triangles in its raw form, straight from survey data. Strat3D combines a powerful workflow oriented user interface with a fast and comprehensive model generation platform, supporting drill holes datamine studio 3 tutorial all other 3D surface data including faults and their structural controls.

The dialog shown is identical to the Split dialog, and Single open line, unlooped, with terminal points extending you can even elect to use the beyond the wireframe data body on two separate edges when view plane or other plane instead viewed along the projection plane. This menu contains all commands relating to the linking of string data together to form wireframe models.


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Define the plane and direction for projecting the selected string to form the ‘cutting’ plane. Maximum separation of points to be joined may be specified. In this case, naturally, if the current proportion mined is less than the previous, there will be no evaluated volume in the results file for the cell. The triangles are formed to best maintain their proportional position along the two strings. This process performs all the functions of the TRIANR process with advantages of greatly improved speed performance and several additional features.

Write Wireframes is used to save all wireframes, including DTMs. If attribute fields are specified, their values are taken from the first record in the wireframe triangle file for each zone, or from the first record in the file if no zone field is specified. A combination of internal and external boundaries may be used at one time subject to the following rules: Geological Modeling in Datamine Studio v3. A point on the wireframe is first selected, and all triangles with the same LINK value i.

Before running a verification process, you will need to select the wireframe object to be verified, using the Name drop-down list. Hoover was nominated by the republicans for a. By setting a separation distance greater than zero string segments are divided up into shorter segments of the set value for triangulation. For example, if a topographical surface model was captured from survey data at the start of a particular phase of mining operations, this model could be compared with, say, a similar survey, taken at a point in the future whereby the terrain has been progressively deformed.

Select the Insert Wireframe Point command. These settings define the actual mechanism by which strings will be linked together, using the settings defined above. Studio 3 also provides another method for volume calculation, which provides the same results as TRIVOL, but with a simpler dialog. If the sub-optimal method fails then linking will default to the optimal method.

Output from the process consists of a wireframe a wireframe triangle and a wireframe points fileand a point data file. If the Difference command is run, and object 1 is selected in the top-down list, and object 2 in the bottom, the larger of the two resulting images occurs.


Once in memory, the new object can be viewed by switching off all views of the two original objects by opening studoi Sheets control bar, and the Design window sub folder.

These values are datamjne, particularly with regard tutrial how you specify that wireframe data is to be selected using the Wireframe Settings dialog, as shown in Chapter 4. A minimum of two new objects are created from this command; one representing the data that falls on either side of either the current viewplane it is important to have an understanding of the viewplane concept to use this command effectively — see Chapter 3 for more details on the Studio 3 Viewing Hierarchy or another defined imaginary plane.

If this is not the case, you will be warned of the situation and processing will cease.


The starting edge for the triangulation is determined either by a user defined tag string, or selected by the system using the closest pair of points on the two strings to be vatamine. If not already loaded, load your wireframe data into memory so that it appears in the Loaded Data control bar. Data can also be removed from or added to your scene at any time after the VR window is opened.

This section outlines some of the more commonly-used linking commands; your online Help provides a full description of all commands available.


When an object has been selected for decimation, you will need to decide which method your Studio 3 system is going to use dagamine order to reduce data effectively. Set the relevant properties. In this situation, two objects will still be be created by projecting created, one empty, and one as the original. This concept is also important when selecting wireframe data.

A tag string may contain any number of points but each one must be on a different string perimeter. Datamine studio 3 tutorial pdf: In addition, the resulting object can be displayed in a variety of different formats, using a series of display overlays based on the same underlying wireframe data. For more information on open pit design in Studio 3, please refer to your online open pit design tutorial, accessible from the Help menu.