Dalam konteks inilah buku Dari Puncak Bagdad Sejarah Dunia Versi Islam dapat dilihat. Seperti yang tertulis di sampul belakang buku. Over 1 million books & FREE* Delivery. Discounts up to 50%! Malaysia’s No.1 Online Bookstore with retail chains throughout Malaysia specializing in books. Dari puncak Bagdad: sejarah dunia versi Islam / Item Description: Original title : Destiny disrupted: a history of the world through Islamic eyes. ISBN.

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After all, the doctrinal nuances which agitated the Protestant Reformers are of no interest at all to the Islamic world, and so who actually cares if he gets them right? Lebih baik anda mencari buku asal dalam Bahasa Inggeris tulisan Tamim Ansary ini.

Lost Islamic History: Reclaiming Muslim Civilisation from the Past

Having been born Indonesian and spent some time in Europe, makes me question a lot of things, seeing the insights of both culture, and from time to time trying to understand why Indonesians or maybe Indonesian muslims view the Western world as it is, and why the Europeans view the muslim world as it is.

What we need is the news with context. It is too grandiose to expect this book to alter the Western view, but at least be able to color the Western view. Jul 22, Afnan Neyaz rated it really liked it. Within this area the drama and tragedies of civilization played out, only occasionally interrupted by incursions from the outside, such as the catastrophic invasions of the Mongols or the nuisance of the Franji Franks, i.

Sebegitu kuatnya hingga sampai-sampai, kita lupa bahwa Peradaban Islam pernah membentuk pribadi-pribadi unggul, para polymath, para peneliti, para penguasa yang peduli tentang pengembangan ilmu pengetahuan dan lain sebagainya. Kejadian pada tahun Masehi tersebut merupakan tahun nol bagi kalangan Muslim.

In every part of the world that involve the coming of Islam are written in this book. He’s basically saying that the Western narrative and the Islamic narrative are categorically different. Things happen, seemingly for a reason.

Meluruskan Sejarah Islam Dari Puncak Bagdad

We in the west share a common narrative of world history. Ada enam gambar peta yang dikepilkan dalam buku ini yang menunjukkan bagaimana Islam berkembang di dunia ini bermula dari Masihi sehinggalah sekarang. Buku serupa untuk bacaan lebih santai: To understand the world adri today, we must look at Islamic history and this book does a pretty good job at that.


The book will be informative both for Muslims and non-Muslims. Overall it’s a really good book summarizing the ups and downs of the islamic history. In some passages, Tamim also writes the pre-Islamic journey of seeking God. Mengapa Tamim Ansary menulis buku ini? The latter ones on the other hand can get the general idea of the history of Islam and how it affected to the World’s History; they might look at Islam from different perspective and also get to understand some behaviors of Modern Muslims.

So he doesn’t try to “sell” Islam and specifically calls out the historical revisionism of those liberal Muslims who today insist that “jihad” has never properly meant violent struggle against infidels — Ansary points out that yes it has, many times in historybut neither will he satisfy those of an anti-Islam bent who insist that Islam is fundamentally and dnia a religion of violence and oppression and intolerance of unbelievers.

Memang banyak terjadi pertikaian antar penguasa dan perebutan kekuasaan, tapi inti masalahnya adalah ketika para pemimpin mulai egois, bermewah-mewah, verxi demi sedikit meninggalkan Islam, menjauhi ulama, dan bertindak zalim.

Lost Islamic History: Reclaiming Muslim Civilisation from the Past by Firas Alkhateeb

Then the Roman Empire fell, plunging the World History, says Tamim Ansary in his introduction, is always the story about how we got to be where we are. Even if the mawlid’s date is still sejarab kilafiyah, there is no further record of the matter. His history of Afghanistan, Games Without Rules, also self-narrated, is high on my to read list. We repeat this mistake to our peril.

Everything mentioned is true to the general perspective of a common Muslim so nothing can be said as was lost in compiling Islamic History. While some parts of the Mongol population were eventually converted to Islam, the swiftness and severity of their devastation shook the very core of the Muslim world.

Panjang lebar penulis menulis tentang ini dan ada kalanya saya memang tidak bersetuju dengan sisi pandang penulis dalam bab Syiah ini. I know because I am not much into history and stuff. In this book a lot of obscure places and people go rushing by, like a speeded up film, like a boiling river.

It’s a really good read.


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And now again destroyed after the invasion of the United Baghddad and its allies to overthrow the rule of President Saddam Hussein. If you’re looking for answers addressing contemporary issues – how Israel came to be and why it’s an unending canker baghrad to Muslims worldwide, the origins of Wahabbism Osama Bin Laden’s brand of Islamic fundamentalismthe roots of the Taliban, how the West came to become the “Great Satan” and what Iran’s problem is and what Afghanistan’s problem is, and what Syria’s problem is, and what Iraq’s problem is, and what Egypt’s problem is Sejwrah sejarah ini, selain menawarkan kisah kegemilangan, juga menyuratkan kisah pilu mengenai lemahnya peradaban, hancurnya ilmu pengetahuan, dibuatnya ia terpisah dari pendidikan agama padahal sejatinya, tidak ada ilmu sekuler dan ilmu agama.

It encompasses all Islamic culture by avoiding 19th century definitions of identity ethnicity and nationalism and resorting to more period, or subject, accurate descriptions, After going through Paul Johnson’s “History of Christianity” and “History of the Jews” I read a few books on the Arabs.

Tiada berhenti orang menyelami. In Western history the Crusades sejarrah large.

As such, it features a very different set of actors and key events than the more familiar world history given above. Ansary, who was born of an Afghan father and American mother in Afghanistan and moved to the United States in high school, is very well-suited to act as a bridge for the two worlds for his readers.

Tamim Ansary, however, sets out to tell the history of Islam through Islamic eyes, not as an apologetic for Islam that ignores its less edifying historical episodes and its baghead present, nor as a Westerner viewing Islam as, at best, an exotically misunderstood Oriental tradition, and at worst, the religion of terrorists and oppressed women in burkas.

Permulaan awal tamadun manusia yang bermula di wilayah Tigris dan Efrat itu sendiri.

Beliau ada menukilkan tentang Sayyed Jamaluddin Al-Afghani yang saya kira memang dekat dengan penulis sendiri, Al-Ghazali, Ibnu Taimiyyah dan lain-lain.