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Three years later the definite Anabis line-up had gathered and they started performing live – until they would do something like gigs. The LP was relatively successful and all three editions of 1. The band felt that they could better bring across their message in their mother tongue.

In retrospect, the band thought they should have done the LP in English after all! InAnabis called it a day. The band had to decide if they wanted to become professional musicians or not. Bert became eventually a professor in popular music at the university.

Mike tis his own studio and played in bands called Noah and Escapade.

Dame Tus Ojos (Spanish, Paperback)

Holger became a biologist, but sings as a hobby on demos, while Roland and Erhard both became business men. The first two albums were reissued on colored vinyl in blue and red respectively. The release of this CD which was to feature at least one long track was planned for latebut nothing has seen the light of day so far. Weak melodies and watered down prog. Good thing I found it really cheap in a pettesrson.

For those who need further warnings: Some time later they were joined by Sergi, Matteo Molinari guitars and Massimo Besozzi guitars and they oojs performing live. Then some changes in line-up occurred with Molinari and Besozzi being replaced by Marocchi guitar and Alessandro.

In the band found a new stable lineup when Valerio replaced Zuccotto. With this line-up they recorded a first EP inand another one two years later. The material of these two mini-albums was collected on the first CD.

On their LPs they mixed various styles, like folk especially on ppettersson first onesprogressive, psychedelic an others. The album compiles songs from film soundtracks. LP Redondel CD, ? Anagorn petersson presumably from the south western part of the country and performed with Cliffhanger in December of in Oosterhout.

Both songs on the debut?

The third disc was one with collected work from the first two and apparently also featured some new material with Rick Biddulph bass, guitars and Jean-Luc Ditsch drums.

It appears that during live shows the music is frequently accompanied pettegsson belly dancing, which should be quite unique within pettrrsson circles! Martin born in originated from the German city of Bonn, where he founded and played in a band called No. By the end of the year, he moved to Varese in Northern Italy, where he started a band called Sons Of Giove at the international school he attended. Other members included Wolfgang Schoene also bornon guitars and vocals and briefly Thomas Schmidt bass, later to become the leader of Pell Mell.

In this group folded, but in early they sort of reformed with German members Martin and Mops born and Jutta Nienhaus born and Italian Mauro Rattaggi on bass under the name of The Yoice. Somehow they managed to get a record deal and gigged frequently. In September also Wolfgang joined the band as their rhythm guitarist. As things worked out fine, he pettrrsson the group torsfen a proper member.


As this six-piece they recorded a single during the summer ofwhich was released under the moniker Yoice – this was a mistake of the printing plant, but the group decided to keep this name. The single managed to draw some attention in Italy and is extremely rare nowadays. In late Mauro had to leave the band because he had to join military service. Wolfgang took over bass duties in his place. Musically, the band developed a more progressive and experimental style not to the liking of Cagnola and producer Aldo Pagani, by the way, but the group insisted on their contractual trosten freedom!

In May of that year, they also recorded their debut-LP in Milano, a great symphonic rock effort with a LP-cover showing the group naked in a field! Petterxson who was also in the picture was simply blanked out by a large vertical torsren Still, Analogy appeared on Italian television before hard times occurred.

File Under Jurassic Rock – An-Ar (2009)

First they parted ways with Nicola, who wanted to go a more commercial direction. Then they left in an amicable way! This piece also was performed live some concerts together with Atomic Rooster and Curved Air! Martin, Jutta and Mops were signed by Franco Battiato for his label Bla Bla Records, but as Battiato requested that some Guiglielmo had to become their singer, they withdrew.

Because of the political contents they were even briefly in jail! Besides this they also started their own label Archway Records in early Earthbound did a single and an EP in new wave style the latter produced by none other dqme David Vorhaus of White Noise! The tapes, however, remained unreleased until Ohrwaschl released them under the name of Analogy in Eclipsed commented on this disc in This duo lasted until and then Martin started working as a translator – just like Jutta.

The CD containied re-recorded old Yoice songs and recordings of the latest Analogy material. Outside of Italy, Analogy remained largely unknown. As the original LP was extremely rare and sought after, reissues were required. The first came on Vinyl Magic – thanks to help of Aldo Pagani. This one was taken from the master tapes, but without notifying the musicians, who started a law suit and won it, regaining all of their rights.

An official LP-reissue appeared inbut was sold out in no time, but – due to costs – not reprinted. This reissue included several bonus tracks and the LP version came in a fold-out cover. Finally, inGerman reissue label Garden Of Delights came with the first official CD-reissue including a previously unreleased bonus track. I heard the album a couple of times but it did not change my judgment. Rus really oettersson record for prog lovers that are spoiled by better prog music as we can buy it today.

Together they did a five track demo inpettersso in autumn of the year Dominka left to be replaced by Marta Glowacka.

In late Anamor won a music competition and recorded more demo tracks, also starting work on their debut album.

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In the autumn of keyboardist Szczerbak decided to leave and was soon replaced by Marcin Ozimek. The line-up above was taken from the demo.


Petterssln only release was a live recording. In Pantera and Pedroso and were replaced by bassist Vasco Alves. To enhance this direction they added saxophonist Manuel Garcia to the group. Also the LP had mainly vocal tracks, sung in English.

Manuel Garcia was not part of line-up on this album anymore but petttersson appeared as a guest artist. Another guest on the LP was Alfredo Nascimento on percussion.

The title track brings exactly what it says a disco sound… Yuck. There are a few fusion traces, but the good elements are effectively riuned by the lame vocals. The b-side is much, much better, bringing beautiful Camel-influenced prog. Ananta named after some religious Hindu thing around Venezuelan musician Ilan Chester.

The band released two LPs during their lifetime of which especially the first one is easy to find. This album contained very pleasant sophisticated and melodic rock with slight progressive influences.

Ilan Chester later launched hus an apparently successful solo pop career. Nothing really groundbreaking, but very pleasing. As petttersson reactions were very positive they decided to do another copies and then started working as a proper band.

Dame tus ojos by Torsten Pettersson (2 star ratings)

For the second release, Christophe Blanc-Tailleur joined the band as bass player. The roots of the band go back to earlier times however.

Goran may have been the first to form a Macedonian punk! Efektiven Naboj and later Filter.

Other members were Gorazd Chapovski and Goran Tanevski. With this line-up, they released a selftitled album inalthough Goran Trajkoski and Zoran Spaspvski had left the group a year earlier to form a project of their own, called Aporea. This project featured lots of other people musicians and artists with spiritual guidance of Father Metodij Zaltanov and Father Stefan Sandzakoski. They made some fanzines and music with traditional roots in Macedonian folk and orthodox church music.

Like Aporea, Anastasia blended ancient Byzantine music, ethnic rhythms and orthodox church music into an unique sound with many traditional instruments like Kaval flutegajda bagpipes and tapan drumsbut also utilizing modern technology like synthesizers and samplers. In earlyZlatko Oridjanski ex-Lola V. Stein on guitars, flute and backing vocals joined the duo.

Almost two years before, they had released their debut, a mini-LP released ojo small Yugoslavian label DOM and re-released through Greek Poetra Negra label in Anastasia has made numerous music scores for films, theatre performances and television. The next CD of Anastasia – scheduled for spring – may be a selection from the music written for theatre and films in Danny Cavanagh and his brothers, the twins Vincent and Jamie, had just finished school but decided ojjos become professional musicians rightaway.

Pettsrsson new singer Vince joined, the music evolved into a style of their own. After one demo with that name they renamed themselves to Anathema and did two more demos after which they gained a record deal with metal label Peaceville.

He was the only member who had had some musical education piano lessons – the others taught themselves to play! Well… welcome… For me it is rather a goodbye fairly soon.