Posts about CryEngine written by hownot2code. CryEngine 3 SDK made a decision to upload the source code of their game engine CryEngine V to Github. Cryengine 5 / #55 Track View Tiefenschärfe / Tutorial German. Startegel Anno Moving a project from Cryengine EaaS to Cryengine 5. Black Hat Studio. 3. Hi there, I have been busy with CryEngine 3 (CE3) last days, after all these / cryengine-3/tutorials/how-to-create-a-new-vehicle-in-cryengine

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However things like CE3 and UDK are practical tools for development when you want to move on from the building blocks deutsvh into actual architecture.

Looks nice but is already the limit. ChickenlordSep 29, You just can’t work with that. Make a better one. It gives me this error.

If you want some hutorial fantasy game or even cartoony game. And even the static one is bugged to the teeth and a pain to work with already when your scene is not dynamic at all. While Unity has decent looking “Pro” water from the top down, it is like with everything else in Unity.

MrBurnsSep 28, So let’s just say I am planning on “Portal 3”, the sequel that valve has claimed would never come otherwise! And another thing is you can dump this out in the usual CE3 mesh format “CGF” and read it back in later. Not a single one.

Can Cryengine 3 be used to make a 2d game ?

I don’t see any reason why Unity would not get this in new version. For now I have omitted all that stuff and this was a good decision.

Sep 27, Tutirial Every post is from ! Thus far the engine has been developed for web and mobile primarily. I’ll try this again tomorrow. Your name or email address: When you work with more open source engines, the CG shader code for doing post processing effects is interchangable between engines, and it could be interchangable to Unity too deutschh Unity syntax for CG shader code is a little different.


Regarding the postprocessing effects thing, it’s a bit different.

Not at all I suppose. I am da bawssSep 29, I find the FPS market too competitive for my skills – budget.

CryEngine 3 SDK Tutorials and Training Videos

Also I think the AI will be static only prebaked since it would not make much sense otherwise, everything else in Unity is static either. Every fancy post processing effect cryengine has FXAA, Global Illumination, SSAOthese are all from white papers released on them that they implemented, it’s technology open to everyone.

When will people learn that it’s the people behind the engine, not the engine, that counts. OK CryEngine – AAA high end games that generally take big teams of tens to hundreds of very talented people many months to create the content to make a great game. Unity would also need a fully HDR and linear rendering pipeline to look as good as cryengine, but that is on Unity’s development roadmap, and that too isn’t a signficant feature. Also, whats your programming background?

And this also the only deficiency I found so far in their API design. Basically Cryengine is really perfect fit for FPS, and especially if you are doing realistic FPS game, if you pick any other engine you might be doing quite huge misstake.

Yes, its about CryEngine 3 again – Unity Forum

GutorialSep 29, And also if you look at the second video, you can see that there is NO point at all comparing CE3 with Unity. Why else do you think it is so hard to get noticed on the mobile market? I know there are many things that you pointed out, but could you nail the most shortcoming thing that could be adressed in near future?


Jun 15, Posts: Aug 16, Posts: With destructive environments, modding as an integral concept, and a lot more. The noise of garbage filling up the App store constantly drowns out all the amazing games that actually took time and talent to make. After all, you could also run Crysis 2 on an iPhone, by using the DirectX 11 ref tutorrial xD well of course you need to stretch this a little bit, technically it wouldn’t work so seutsch.

So what could still make you choose CE3 instead of Unity, even if you are happy with the visuals of Unity Pro?! If the features that Cry can offer are really that important for your game the time that is spend on more diffucult engine is for sure whorth it. The lack of advanced shader support makes most of these attempts quite useless. In that case you might still wanna read on Use Unity first, understand it, push it to its limit, then switch to Tktorial if you think you need it.