and product description strings. ○ On-chip power-on reset circuit. ○ On-chip voltage regulator: V output. ○ % pin and software compatible with CP Section. Page. 1. System Overview 2. Electrical Characteristics. Datasheets, CP Product Training Modules, USB Protocol Products USBXpress · CP21xx USB Bridge. EDA / CAD Models? Download from Ultra Librarian.

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CP2101 Datasheet PDF

Updated package drawings in Figure 4. The latest drivers are available at http: This application note describes ccp2101 to use the standard Windows COM port function to communicate with the CP and includes example code. The certification means that the drivers have been tested by Microsoft and their latest operating systems Cp22101 and Vista will allow the drivers to be installed without any warnings or errors.

Silicon Labs products shall under no cp21101 be used in weapons of mass destruction including but not limited to nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, or missiles capable of delivering such weapons.

The CP is a mature product and is not recommended for new designs. Silicon Labs shall have no liability for the consequences of use of the information supplied herein.


Pins can be left unconnected when not used. This pin is the input to the on-chip voltage regulator.

CP Classic USB to UART Bridge – Silicon Labs

Changed VDD conditions of Tables 3. Application examples described herein are for illustrative purposes only.

The CP is recommended for all new designs. Silicon Labs products are not designed or authorized for military applications.

For this configuration, it is recommended that the REGIN input be tied to the 3 V net to disable the voltage regulator. Power In 5 V Regulator Input. Global DC Electrical Characteristics Contact Silicon Laboratories customer support at www. Contact Silicon Laboratories support for assistance with this process. This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the devices at those or any other conditions above those indicated in the operation listings of this specification is not implied.

Data Formats and Baud Rates Removed tantalum requirement in Figure 5. Exposure to maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability. The customized drivers that are generated using the AN software are not automatically certified. The USB max power and power attributes descriptor must match the device power usage and configuration.

CP Datasheet(PDF) – Silicon Laboratories

Data Formats and Baud Rates 7. Avalanche transient voltage suppression diodes can be added for ESD protection. The data formats and baud rates available are listed in Table 6. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux! When enabled, the 3 V voltage darasheet output appears on the VDD pin and can be used to power external 3V devices.


They must go first through the Microsoft Driver Reseller Submission process. This document does not imply datashert express copyright licenses granted hereunder to design or fabricate any integrated circuits.

Silicon Labs reserves the right to make changes without further notice and limitation to product information, specifications, and descriptions herein, and does not give warranties datasheeg to the accuracy or completeness of the included information.

The CP is a pin and software compatible alternative for the CP USB Pull-up Current should be added for total supply current. These configurations are shown in Figure 9.

CP2101 Classic USB to UART Bridge

Added values to Table 3. CPx Device Customization Guide. Hi-pro – Hearing Aid.