Conjure Wife [Fritz Leiber] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Professor Norman Saylor considered magic nothing more than superstition. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Fritz Leiber is considered one of science fiction’s legends. Author of a prodigious number of stories and novels, many of. Conjure Wife [Fritz Leiber, Victor Bevine] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Professor Norman Saylor considered magic nothing more than.

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She finally agrees to throw it all away. I mean it in the sense of “the mysterious other”, that which fascinates and draws and consumes so much but which can never quite be fully apprehended or understood. When she disappears one morning, how is it possible for Norman to receive a letter from her in the post that same day?

Since I was no stranger to Leiber coming into this novel, I think I had a better handle on some of the obsessions and ponderings that he returns to again and again in many of his stories, and so the supposed sexism that prevents some from wholeheartedly appreciating Conjure Wife didn’t really strike me as such at all.

Conjure Wife

Ne consegue uno scenario piuttosto pericoloso per un tranquillo professore universitario, che scopre di aver sempre beneficiato della protezione “magica” leibsr moglie. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? The “coincidences” culminate with the disappearance of his wife. Both Norman and his wife Tansy are well-rounded creatures.

It does – as he steps into his wife’s dressing room on a whimsy and goes wide through her drawers, and discovers that she is a witch. Of course, Leiber is no conservative. It is pathetic to watch him, even though he believes in the reality of the magic, attempt to sell himself on the idea that everything that is going on is explainable by scientific, psychological, or medical causes.

I rea Norman is married to Tansy. And not any too hard to believe, either, if you knew them! Norman is aghast and so is Tansy that her secret is discovered: But as the last charm is thrown into their fireplace, Conjurre has a bad feeling….


With no category for ‘modern fantasy’ inhorror would be the best place to put it. Hieroglyphic Tales by Wufe Walpole Week Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

A constant in the ever shifting variables. Norman Saylor’s comfortably ordered and scientific mind is under assault from the get go. All right, so yes, the premise is indeed that all the women associated with the college faculty are practising witches, and, by extension, that all women, everywhere, have something of the witch about them, even if they don’t necessarily know it themselves or aren’t aware that the rituals and routines they engage in are a form of magic.

Speculiction Review of Conjure Wife by Fritz Leiber

All women are witches. The extended scene in which he describes his patient attempts to help her make the logical steps to “realize” that witchcraft is just a delusion of less advanced societies is nauseating in its paternalism and condescension. Age has tarnished the novel, but it is far from rusted over. View all 26 comments.

Conjure Wife – Wikipedia

Saylor’s extreme discomfort explains his attempts to find formulaic explanations for magic, and his stubborn yet humble final words – “I don’t really know. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I plan to look up next Our Lady of Darkness and one or two of Leiber science-fiction books.

Damon Knight wrote [3]. Just take the deeply ingrained gender biases – men are professorial, but utterly hoodwinked, husbands, and women are conniving and conjuring “faculty wives” – with a whole barrel of pre-equal rights salt. The roiling fires of barbarism beneath the surface of civility. Professor Norman Saylor considered magic nothing more than superstition.

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Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Filmed twice, as Weird Woman and Burn Witch Burnthis tale of secret witchcraft on a modern college campus is as enjoyable today as the day it was written. View all 4 comments. D angerous L a ughter by S teven Millhauser Week Finally, with his wife’s help who actually would have leiiber MUCH better off without his meddling in the first place he is able to right what was wrong and get everything back the way it was before he intervened.

This is a mistake Norman will soon live to regret as his comfortable life begins to unravel. Who knew that the wives could be just as fierce as their faculty husbands? Both Clair’s film and the sitcom are comedies, although of a very different order, and from what I have read about Smith’s novel it has darker undertones than its subsequent adaptations.


In particular, they have sought to overturn the evil classically associated with the elderly spinster or spiteful housewife. In one place, one of the older professors refers to big universities as those hotbeds of communism and free lovein another Norman erupts in anger at the petty mindedness and stricture he is subject to: He retreats into depression and alcohol and lashes out in frustration at those around him.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Conjure Wife has been recommended to me as a good example of his more modern work, and indeed it is quality proof of Fritz Leiber versatility.

I may have overlooked something here I was often rather tired when I read the novel, since it was my night readingbut I never shook off this annoyance. Conjure Wife is certainly one of these entries in his distinguished bibliography. Written innot as the Goodreads description states, Leiber has written a sly and involving work of horror that uses a modern for the s college setting to create a world where all women are witches and the men innocently go on their business thinking they are the masters of their castles.

Conjure Wifeby Fritz Leiber, is easily the most frightening and necessarily the most thoroughly convincing of all modern horror stories Penned in fine prose and plotted to a perfect T, the novel is a horror of both the literary and gendered variety. They’re the intuitionalists, the traditionalists, the irrationalists. As everyone knows, the s was an interesting time for society in the USA in particular, with, eventually, so many men joining the army and going off to war, leaving women in positions which they would not have otherwise attained given the then-current social structure.

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