The vendor is undaunted despite revealing that Comcast will look booted from Comcast’s Next-Generation on Demand (NGOD) architecture. Services Architecture (ISA) and the Comcast-led Next Generation on Demand ( NGOD) architecture, which are used throughout the industry. innovator in the universal edge resource management (UERM) category, stated that it support both Comcast’s next-generation on-demand (NGOD) and Time.

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Element Defines the rating restriction for the folder regardless of the rating of the titles in the folder that will allow the STB to enforce normal parental control behavior based on parental control settings. Table 21 — Chapter Element Flexibility to incorporate new Resources, Resource Managers The architecture should make it possible to incorporate new classes of resources along with new resource managers without having to make major modifications to other components of the system.

Resource allocation for On Demand sessions is a multi variable problem. This is provided if comcxst request specified the globalAlias. Not needed for default “string”. Table 5 — GetFolderContents Request The threaded architecture and signaling flow descriptions are provided in the Appendix as Informative materials. Title Asset – A reference to some video content that has a name. Below is the format of the response.

In Figure 9, the Encryption Resource Manager reserves resources associated with one or nvod Encryption Engines when it receives the incoming Setup 2 message from the Comczst Resource Manager. This indicates the customer is not allowed to view this item.


Provider id of the Title asset. Sort on Year Released. Table ngld — SessionStart Request Table 28 — GetItemData Request Max of 6 characters. That’s precisely the hurdle Concurrent Computer Corp.

Concurrent Not in Comcast’s VOD Future

This indicates the user can perhaps view this item for comcawt fee. Once the Session Manager has selected the optimal set of resources, it specifies those resources in a set of resource commit message exchanges with the resource managers.

Work in Progress W Draft D An incomplete document, designed to guide discussion and generate feedback that may include several alternative requirements for consideration. If it is unsuccessful, it returns a RTSP Setup response with the appropriate error code indicating the resource was unavailable.

In such circumstances, the subscriber has the “benefits” of all Geos: If they are selected, the items are not played out but the viewer is able to view a preview if there is one; there may be a UI-defined message displayed.

Concurrent Not in Comcast’s VOD Future | Light Reading

This commcast 1 the name that is presented at the top of the screen. Run time for display Run time for calculations – format is HH: RatingControl Element If an STB has parental control values set, then folders that may contain items with ratings more restrictive than those control values should be inaccessible and “grayed out” for that STB.

In the NGOD architecture, the Session Manager manages all interactions between session signaling and resource allocation signaling.

Instead of communicating with each resource manager, the Session Manager lets the resource managers themselves negotiate the actual resources to be used for the session. It is a Terminal Folder in that it does commcast contain any child folders or selectable items, so the hasChildren attribute must be set to ‘N’.

  ISO 22093 PDF

Then it is always provided. Because the video stream originates from the Streaming Server, its associated resource manager the On Demand Resource Manager comcxst be contacted last. The Guide effects the user commands by re-querying the folder with combinations of startAt values and Sort and Filter user parameters, e. Possible values are “Y”, “N”.

Changes in the topological database are flooded to all nodes in the same topology domain. Use 1 1 iconID attribute number 1 queryID attribute number 1 5. A URL or other locator for poster art for this title.

The architecture should also minimize the amount of state that needs to be maintained across components. It uses this information to commit its own resource. The operation of different combinations of resource allocation models and architectures can be described by viewing how resource selectors and resource allocators are bundled into the Session Manager and the resource managers specified by the NGOD architecture.

The evaluate then reserve paradigm has the potential for failing, causing the process to restart. The only difference between these interfaces is which components send and receive the messages associated with the interface.