Combat A concise pamphlet entitled âCombat Kitâ â designed as a quick reference book when conversing with Christian preachers. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Combat Kit Against Bible Thumpers [Ahmed Deedat] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Combat Kit Against Bible Thumpers By Ahmed.

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The fact that excrement deedar used in the story only serves to intensify the awfulness of what the Israelites’ living conditions will be in exile.

The only way that the alternative view can be maintained, is if someone has a strong bias against Christianity. Why would a pure God give instructions to use filthy human excrement as fuel? The people would be taken into exile where the circumstances would make it practically impossible for them to avoid eating ritually unclean food.

Combat Kit.pdf

Download Arabs and Israel — Conflict or Conciliation. WW Download Who moved the Stone. Certainly it does, but because God is pure dredat holy He also feels anger towards evil and impurity. Most Christians rely on ransomed blood for their salvation and Muslims rely on the concept of worshipping agmed God i. If you ignore the context you could make the Bible say a lot of things.

But then he raised another objection based on the same subject matter. This tragic fact was portrayed in the drama of food cooked over a filthy fire. Certainly it does, but because God is pure and holy He also feels anger towards evil and impurity.


English Choose a language comvat shopping. View or edit your browsing history. Wealth of information here. With the Bible in one hand and this booklet in the other, you ededat go through so many chapters and verses. Download Resurrection or Resuscitation.

Ahmed Deedat – Combat Kit Course Against Bible Thumpers In Nairobi • Muslim Central

And water you shall drink by measure, the sixth part of a hin; 12 Once a day you shall drink. In this book Sheikh Ahmed Deedat investigates several topics, including the following: God used Ezekiel as a public sign picturing the judgement to come. Explore the Home Gift Guide. In Combat Kit you have ignored the fact that the disputed biblical statement, which you claim to be “absurd”, is not God’s instruction but is spoken by a godless commander of the Assyrian army who was besieging the city of Jerusalem.

If you plan to continue printing and using such biased and false criticisms, we expect you to give a written defence of your position in light of the specific points we have made below. As the siege progressed the Assyrians tried to demoralize the Israelites by taunting them, saying they would eventually become so starved that they would eat their own excrement and drink their own urine see 2 Kings Set up a giveaway.

And you shall eat it as barley cake, baking it in their sight on human dung. In ancient times it was not uncommon to use cow dung as fuel for fire — as indeed it is in some societies today.

If one tries to understand verse 12 as adding another ingredient to the cake, he would expect the amount to be given as well. True bliss and harmony can only be achieved when the heart is filled with correct faith, a body that performs good deeds and a soul which overflows with love, kindness and mercy.


If one tries to understand verse 12 as adding another ingredient to the cake, he would ahmee the amount to be given as well. If God is pure doesn’t that imply a separation from anything impure?

However, a careful examination reveals the sovereignity of God and His ultimate good and holy purposes. Download Who moved the Stone. During the siege food and water would become very scarce in Jerusalem We would like you to read our response to your arguments.

Combat Kit Against Bible Thumpers

The alternative of dung being used as an ingredient in the cake is clearly excluded. Download What is His name. Download What was the Sign of Jonah. A must have for all Muslims who encounter Bible Thumpers.

Combat Kit Against Bible Thumpers : Ahmed Deedat :

The natural flow of events supports the Christian interpretation that the dung is fuel for the fire, not an additional ingredient in the cake. Further evidence of your bias can be seen in your attack on similar passages in the Bible, cited above, which we’ve shown to be unfounded. This prophesy came true in BC, six years after Ezekiel’s predictions Ezekiel 1: The natural instinct of man tends to be merciful.

Obviously a proper reading of the context shows these words to be spoken by a fool.