Book 8 of the Ciaphas Cain series. The Imperium’s least willing hero is thrown back into the fight against another alien threat as Commissar Cain returns to a. This extract from the memoirs of Ciaphas Cain might strike some as a whimsical or ‘Particularly if it lasts a little longer than our last sojourn on an iceworld.’. Booktopia has The Last Ditch, Warhammer Novels: Ciaphas Cain by Sandy Mitchell. Buy a discounted Paperback of The Last Ditch.

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One of these, Mechanicus Adept Izembard warns, is a geothermal power station that, if left unregulated, could trigger a volcanic explosion within the next few hours.

Feeling the thump of the barrels, the Mawloc senses food and swallows them all, just before an explosion guts it. Since Forres has already volunteered to lead the first wave of Nusquans sent in as reinforcements, Cain can hardly decline the invitation to lead the Valhallan contingent. When the convoy arrives in Underice the planet’s second-largest cityCain is looking forward to a lwst hours, or days, of rest, but is shocked to see a series of orbit-capable shuttles parked outside the city.

Aug 26, Martin rated it really liked it Shelves: But when his ship crashes into the wastelands outside the capital it disturbs a far greater enemy, one which has lain cixphas under the permafrost since long ciaphaas the Imperium came to this world, and could now threaten the whole sector.

The Last Ditch by Sandy Mitchell

Not especially novel or really different to what came before, but a good fun nonetheless, in which Cain meets Orks, Tyranids, a fellow if gung-ho commissar, and an imbred, imbecile aristocrat planetary governor. Yupp, been there before just changed the true enemy. Cain and Jurgen lead a combined unit of Valhallans and Nusquan Rough Riders mounted on Bikes through the tunnels, fighting off any Tyranids they encounter.

Ciaphas Cain is a series I will continue to purchase ditchh remainder of, especially since it has credibility to burn with me. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Feb 05, Robert H rated it really liked it.

He’s a witty, charming, and thoroughly relate-able character. Another enjoyable escapade featuring Ciaphas Cain.


But because the shuttles were still parked at the spaceport at Primadelving, the Administratum ordered them to clear off and find somewhere else to be “lost. So it is safe to say that the story pretty much gripped me and did not let go.

Phipps rated it liked it Shelves: Sandy is running out of steam. However, Cain sees a downed Kopta crash through the ice, which is still relatively thin on top, and gets an idea.

Cain and Jurgen turn and see the Hive Ship’s death throes as it is caught in the explosion. Anotei fun story of Commisair Cain. However, a few weeks later, when the ship translates from the Warpthe poorly-maintained Geller field fails for an instant – just long enough to let a mischievous Daemon slip on board and possess the body of one of the bridge servitors.

Cain tells ciapbas to evacuate with cisphas others, even as he hears yet more Tyranids speeding towards them. These series of books definitely found their stride with book No. They can’t assume orbit over the planet, nor can they slow down enough to dock with any shuttles; and they have nowhere near enough saviour pods to debark the whole regiment.

Cain idtch a main character has never been better than in this story, and I dare say this may have been the best of the Cain books to date, excepting the first, which had a powerful effect on this reader.

The book features the usual sarcasm and lack of heroism from Cain who, ably assisted caiphas his aide Jurgen, interacts with the members of the regiment, the crew of a transport ship, governor of the planet, the Commissar attached to another regiment already in place on Nusquam Fundumentibus who is of course not at all aligned with Cain’s way of thinking, and of course innumerable xenos who die in massive numbers.

Other than that, I loved it. Of course, the fact that Ditcn is involved means that nothing is anywhere near as straight forward as originally imagined, and there will be even further complications along the way. It’s more or less a retelling of Caves of Ice, even ending the same way, which seriously undermines my enjoyment factor.

Unfortunately, there is now nothing stopping Cain’s force from pressing on. This was an interesting story, with a good set of events that were fun to follow. The particular brand of humor employed by both Cain and Amberley’s footnotes is a refreshing contrast to otherwise spartan military verbiage. In her enthusiasm, Forres charges forward tue finish it off, and Cain, keenly aware that all eyes are on him, runs forward to ,ast her. His hobbies include the martial arts of Aikido and Cai, miniature wargaming, role-playing games, and pottering about on the family allotment.


The Black Library Availability: Unfortunately, having the idea makes him the obvious choice to carry it out.

Good effort, really cool idea but just sort of suffers at it’s own hands a bit? This, in combination with the cisphas plot structure Abnett uses the whole with of what can happen to a regiment in war made me wonder if I hadn’t read this bok before.

[PDF Download] The Last Ditch (Ciaphas Cain) [Read] Online

It’s just I expect the author to try to come up with a new story. So decrepit in fact that it crash-lands. Oct 18, Karl-meelis Tuisk rated it liked it. Arriving at the power station, Cain links up with Forres and they disable the station’s safeties and set demolition charges to induce the explosion.

Cipahas is the book that Cain’s Last Stand wanted to be, and I really enjoyed the author’s stepping up and slamming the story in a format that was easy to read and exciting as well.

But the Hive Ship on Nusquam has been there for at least a thousand years longer, which raises the disquieting possibility that the Tyranids have penetrated much farther into the galaxy than previously thought, and there is no ckaphas how many other hidden hives are scattered around, just waiting for another fleet invasion to awaken them.

Back in Primadelving, the shuttles have greatly speeded up the evacuation, although the Governor is stubbornly refusing to let Kasteen declare martial law and “convince” the last few holdouts to leave the city. This is by far, my favourite of the series. Then, naturally, everything goes to hell.