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It is one of the most disgustingly repulsive and unsettling of books. Those hygiene-crazed folks out there who use toilet seat covers and who use a paper towel to turn the handle of public restroom doors had better not read this book.

Only after one has ‘conquered’ the first part of the book does the writing become more fluid and enjoyable. It was so refr Absolutely loved it.

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Book by Charlotte Roche. Despite being occasionally severely grossed out, I enjoyed Helen’s fresh voice the German audiobook is roce by the author, and her young, sweet voice added greatly to both my pleasure and my ability to understand the language and her unique outlook on life. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Whether you see Helen as a liberated chzrlotte spirit or a messed up sicko will depend on how, or whether, you see the connection between her formative years and her new found freedom as an eighteen year old. The comment on the front of the book about it rochs ‘explicit’ caught my eye, and so I decided to peruse it while on my break. It is definitely not your average story, and it was certainly NOT what I was expecting.

Zone umide-Charlotte Roche Sere. I can only tell you that, as with the vain boasting of all 18 year-olds who are still a few years away from realizing that just because they’ve never thought of something before, it doesn’t mean no one has, it hcarlotte much less shocking than it tiresome.


This is nothing special. So her plan revolves around getting her parents reunited in her hospital room. This book was certainly ‘different’. And even more, I loved that Helen was in control of her sexuality, and having all the sex she wanted, when she wanted, with a thirst for the feeling part of life that she was determined to slake her own way — and that way was through her nearly shameless embracing of sex and her sexuality.

Here, though, be an alternative ending: It’s in it’s own complete different world. From the get go, I was pretty intrigued with this book. First of all, Helen is an awful character. A sensation it does, even perhaps a needed one, but.

She also gained my empathy as she attempted to zoone her parents back together, and talked about her various experiences. On the other hand, there are a couple of good reasons a person might want to read this book: Your eyes just keep getting drawn back to it.

Another one of them abouts women who only act up because they are lonesome something fearsome and have issues. However, while you are reading it, your mind will wander among all of the other things it could be reading – books where language is beautiful; books that are written by authors who, instead of hauling out the thesaurus when they’ve run out of ways to talk about their character’s assholes, never even bring them up; books where the story, though perhaps at times harrowing, is ultimately worthwhile, one that will stay with you throughout your life, and mean different things to you as you age.

Charlotte Roche – Wikipedia

Oh my good God. Why are you so terrified of your own body and its functions? I have to keep reminding myself it is hmide and When I was a kid, losing myself in stories and in novels, I sometimes wondered why we never read about characters going to the bathroom. Roche chooses scatology as her playground. As a result, being the hygiene freak that I am but had no charlogte until I read this bookI found Helen a very disgusting character from the outset and it took me a while to warm umidd to her.


The novel is set in a hospital uumide Helen is about to have surgery on her butthole after a shaving incident. She seems determined to absorb the filth of the world, molecule by molecule. Somewhat scatological as well. She wants love; she wants her parents together. In my opinion, a unide likely comparison is a gross-out version of Girl, Interrupted.

Perhaps Roche never intended to use the word ‘pussy’ upward of 50 times: You’ve ever wanted to wonder whether if it was necessary to know a character’s name once you know she stuffs avocado pits into her chucha as though she were no more than an inedible new age olive – personally, I came up with ‘No.

Helen, an year-old heroin, desperately needs warmth and attention, but nobody really cares about her. Yes, things can get a little gross, but its not like the main character’s behavior is completely unnatural.

Charlotte Roche

The stories Helen shared about things like spreading bacteria or what she did with avocado pits made me feel less like she was a strong woman with a ‘who-gives-a-crap’ attitude, and more like she was just a perverted pre-t Everyone says that this book is super gross.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. So subtly is the fume of life designed, To clarify the pulse and cloud the mind, And leave me once again undone, possessed.