One of the most popular workouts to pack on muscle mass quickly is the German Volume Training (GVT) program. Many articles have been. by Charles Poliquin | 06/13/05 The goal of Advanced German Volume Training is to do ten sets of five reps with the same weight. The first workout is 75% of. The German Volume Training (GVT) principle of 10 sets of 10 reps of one particular exercise was popularised by Strength Coach Charles Poliquin many years.

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You do so much of exactly the same thing that your body has no choice but to respond. And respond massively it does…if you do it right!!

All in One Guide to German Volume Training (GVT)

However, there trainingg a few rules that if adhered to can make your life a lot easier and progress a lot faster. I am not alone in finding GVT both boring and uniquely fatiguing. Whilst keeping training records is supremely important for all serious trainees it becomes critical during a GVT session. Keeping time is also vitally important. If ten is your target repetition goal then pick a weight that ensures you hit ten reps i.


By the 7th set you should be ripping your spleen to hit all your reps. This has the added benefit of pushing the adaptive response a bit harder whilst also keeping the overall stimulus the same and is my preferred option for German Volume Training.

Does German Volume Training Get You Strong, Or Just Big? – BarBend

A 6 week GVT cycle done the traditional way could see you do 80 sets of the same exercise over 42 days! For example, if training thighs a really bad combination would be squats and Romanian deadlifts as your lower back would end up fried.

Bulgarian split squats, or any type of single limbed work, is also less than optimal for GVT just because of the sheer number of sets involved. Finally, if these tips have proved useful then you might want to subscribe to my newsletter because over the course of the next few months we will be releasing information on a brand new, economical, online subscription model to follow my own training programs in a planned, specific to your goals, and periodised manner.


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Advanced German Volume Training | T Nation

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German Volume Training

Keep a Record and Keep Time! Cycle Exercise Selection Poliqiin 6 week GVT cycle done the traditional way could see you do 80 sets of the same exercise over 42 days! Building Muscle Muscle Gain Training.

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