: Change or Die: The Three Keys to Change at Work and in Life ( ): Alan Deutschman: Books. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Alan Deutschman is a senior writer at Fast Company and the author of two previous books, The Second Coming of Steve. All leadership comes down to this: changing people’s behavior. Why is that so damn hard? Change or Die. By Alan Deutschman long Read.

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Change or Die: The Three Keys to Change at Work and in Life

Nov 05, Libby Gill rated it really liked it. These keys allow us to make positive change permanent in our lives. Deutschman suggests there are three keys to creating change; 1 from new, emotional relationships with a person or community that inspires and sustains hope; 2 these news relationships will help you to learn, practice and master needed new habits and skills; and, 3 these relationships will help you learn new ways of thinking about your situation and life.

Did it make you laugh or cry? His main topic is “how to change when change isn’t coming naturally; when the difficulties stubbornly persist. I don’t know him. The church embodies Christ.

Change or Die is not about merely reorganizing or restructuring priorities; it’s about challenging everyone to make drastic transformations in all aspects of life – changes that xie positive, attainable, and absolutely vital.


Otherwise, facts go in and then they go right back out. Involve yourself with those you trust and who can help you achieve change; not those who will hinder you.

But the UAW insisted otherwise, and Toyota reluctantly took back the ornery old hands. His blog about leadership is at: If we had the frame of the company as a family or a commune, people would know very different ways of working together. Truly a fascinating read whether you want to change or not. Unlike many self-help books, Change or Die cuts through the bullsh!

While the criminal justice system watches more than six out of ten convicts deutschmsn to crime, Delancey turns nearly as many into lawful citizens. A great commitment eie change.

Change or Die

Read Change or Die and discover the fascinating commonalities of these inspiring leaders. For as ominous a book title as Change or Die is, this book from Alan Deutschman is rather hopeful.

But now you must get rid of all such things—anger, wrath, dfutschman, slander, and abusive language from your mouth. The first section is Deutschman applying his three “keys to change” to three separate populations; heart patients, criminals at a special rehabilitation home in California, and disgruntled factory workers shortly after the assembly line had been implemented in the automotive industry.

The workers fought with one another so fiercely that the national headquarters of the United Auto Workers had to seize control of the local branch. Instead they signed up for a trial. They rebelled when their bosses forced them to speed up the production line.


Every month I would write about yet another person who had managed to create profound change within a company or particular business. Oct 27, Chase rated it it was ok.

The Three Keys to Change

Speaking to the small group of insiders, they were unsparingly candid. The premise and mindset is good – the execution is lacking in engagement. The Ornish heart patients, Delancey ex-convicts, and Nummi autoworkers are classic examples of the psychology of change. We think that this is simply human nature. Innovation comes about when people og enabled to use their full brains and intelligence instead of being put in boxes and controlled.

Deutschman does an excellent job of destroying the theory that change is impossible and that people who are entrenched in their bad habits can’t change their behavior. Here are the odds that the experts are laying down, their scientifically studied odds: Quotes from Change or Die: I would recommend this book to anyone interested in a real change process. Alan Deutschman Narrated by: The end of the book the author actually apologizes for the title and said he did it to merely grab people’s attention, but that we can really call it “Change and Thrive”.