Note that every unqualified variable is automatically considered to be in context this, so that a reference to the variable $(foo) is identical to referencing. CFEngine Homepage. Version Design Center ยท Enterprise API Reference; Syntax, identifiers and names The CFEngine 3 language has a few simple rules. The purpose of the cfengine reference manual is to collect together and document the raw facts about the different components of cfengine. Once you have.

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Reference introductionPrevious: Work directoryPrevious: Reference introductionUp: Hard classesPrevious: Filenames and pathsPrevious: Work directoryUp: Rrference with signalsPrevious: Hard classesUp: Filenames and pathsUp: Cfagent referencePrevious: Cfagent referenceUp: Cfagent Runtime OptionsPrevious: Cfagent introUp: Variable expansion and contextsPrevious: Cfengine classesPrevious: Cfagent Runtime OptionsUp: Special variablesPrevious: Variable expansion and contextsUp: Variable expansion and contexts.

Iteration over listsPrevious: Setting referecne with functionsUp: Special variablesUp: Cfengine classesUp: Setting classes with special functionsUp: Examples setting classesPrevious: Solaris ACLsPrevious: Solaris ACLsUp: BindToInterface in cfagentPrevious: ChecksumDatabase in cfagentPrevious: BindToInterface in cfagentUp: ChecksumDatabase in cfagentUp: HostnameKeys in cfagentPrevious: IfElapsed in cfagentPrevious: HostnameKeys in cfagentUp: IfElapsed in cfagentUp: Too many open filesPrevious: Editfiles on Binary FilesPrevious: Backup in editfilesPrevious: Backup in editfilesRefersnce EditMode binaryPrevious: EditMode binaryUp: ExpireAfter editfilesPrevious: ExpireAfter editfilesUp: IfElapsed editingPrevious: Inform editingPrevious: IfElapsed editingUp: Inform editingUp: Prepend editingPrevious: Prepend editingUp: Recurse editingPrevious: ReplaceAll WithPrevious: Recurse editingUp: ReplaceAll WithUp: Editfiles on Binary Files referrence, Up: Directory permissionsPrevious: Checksums and change managementPrevious: Directory permissionsUp: Owner and group wildcardsPrevious: Checksums and change managementUp: Files linkchildrenPrevious: Owner and group wildcardsUp: Files linkchildrenUp: Multiple LinksPrevious: Link CfengjnePrevious: Single linksUp: Relative and absolute linksPrevious: Multiple LinksUp: Hard linksPrevious: Link ChildrenUp: Relative and refrence linksUp: Cfexecd referencePrevious: IP address rangesUp: BindToInterface in cfservdPrevious: ChecksumDatabase in cfengindPrevious: BindToInterface in cfservdUp: ChecksumDatabase in cfservdUp: Firewalls and NATsPrevious: Problem solvingPrevious: Example configuration filePrevious: Cfexecd referenceUp: Problem solvingUp: Variable IndexPrevious: Example configuration fileUp: Concept IndexPrevious: FAQ IndexReerence Variable IndexUp: Concept IndexUp: Table of Contents Cfengine-Reference 1 Introduction to reference manual rdference.


Files to import other items. It is suggested that you use these editing functions with caution. Although all possible safeguards have been incorporated into them, it is still possible through carelessness to do damage to important files on your system.

Always test editing programs carefully before committing them to your global site configuration. Return variables are alerts to parent ReturnVariables comma separated list of variables or functions or void ReturnClasses comma separated list of classes.

Files to import admit: