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De Celestijnse Belofte

The whole concept of energies can be a little batty at times but a watered-down version is definitely worth thinking about. This book isn’t for everyone and that’s understandable.

What’s the Name o Do you believe that there is more than we can see usually? This book is about discovering I was told to read this passed down book from a good friend of mine. We operate out of certain control dramas that we learned to make sure we had enough energy as children…Either being an intimidator, interrogator, being aloof, or being a poor me.

I have learned with time that one can always find profound truths in myths and allegories. I was so excited to read something that felt so pertinent to my journey of discovery in this lifetime. This book began a serious journey for me to “think outside the box” of organized religion and begin to consider each and every intention, thought, and action throughout my daily life.


I found the nine insights fascinating and realistic in terms of spirituality and science. And as for passing energies from person to person, that has got to be true.

All are usually unconscious patterns we fall into to get energy from others. One of the best books I have read and will always highly recommend to those who may question this brilliant novel. Het bevat een schat aan wijsheid, maar er zijn mensen die verspreiding van deze kennis willen tegenhouden. So, my best friend Shawn introduced me to this book sometime after college. I’ll definitely plough through the next 3 books but probably won’t put them on Goodreads again, I guess I’ll keep them all as my guilty secret!

On the second read, I let go of the fact that it was badly written and the characters were bad and all the other flaws. I’m so grateful to have read this book.

Refresh and try again.

In fact, if humans on earth could live their lives according to these insights, we would see world peace and a sustainable life for the future. Thanks for telling us about the problem. So after this book, I woke up and starting living life and looking at life differently – using many of the tools I learned from The Celestine Prophecy insights.

Celestijnse belofte by James Redfield (5 star ratings)

Whenever we want to, we can tap into this. As you can see from the diversity of Goodreads reviews, each individual interprets the same book quite differently, but for me it was an eye- and mind-opener, and I never turned back, but propelled myself forward from the time I finished reading this for the first time. It’s not an adventure story, it’s not suspense, xelestijnse mystery, not a genre reading, not a “page turner.


I think it’s a great story that illustrates some of the changes we are experiencing as the earths energy is shifting.

Celestijnse belofte Celestine Prophecy celesijnse by James Redfield. I tried reading it many years ago and it did nothing for me so I stopped. It led to an extraordinary personal and spiritual journey I wrote about in my new book Spanking CIty Hall. So much useful information for how we go about our daily lives. And have them only with people who will reveal themselves celestiinse, telling me how and why they are doing what they are doing. celestijnwe

This is simply one of the books that birthed the New Age. This book was very different to what I was expecting and was a thoroughly enjoying and spiritually moving read. It’s been a big part of my spiritual journey.

This book was phenomenal! Maybe I was feeling wishy washy lol!

Well, The Celestine Prophecy is no exception. But then I’m so glad I did. I reluctantly read it.