Residential customers may receive a $75 rebate for purchasing a qualifying High . Applicants must be a City of Clovis or Tarpey Village residential customer with a current water account in This program offers a $ financial incentive for City of Gallup residential water available at , or a copy is.

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Do you have a list of refrigerators and washers that qualify??? Please note o nly equipment manufacturers resd have verified the performance of each model are able to make a submission. CEE has developed a set of specifications and a qualifying products list to define energy efficiency and works with initiative participants utilities and energy organizations to promote qualifying washers through incentive, educational, and promotional programs.

Residential Clothes Washers Qualifying Product List

Sag Harbor – Assemblyman Fred W. Pod only are you helping to conserve energy and protect the environment, but you’ll also put a few extra dollars back in your wallet.

June Clothes Washers. Purchases made before September 2, are not eligible for rebates. How do I know which models to buy.


February Clothes Washers. Date Published December 14, To submit your comment as a member, please click here. August Clothes Washers.

Welcome to the Energy Efficiency Program Library. The program will continue until funding runs out.

Skip to Main Content Area. December Clothes Washers.

NYSERDA Announces New $3 Million Appliance Rebate Program | Lifestyle | Hamptons Green

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Aug 28, In support of the initiative, CEE maintains a compiled list of qualifying models based on manufacturer claims. If so send it to geneliwa frontiernet.

March Clothes Washers. The list of qualifying clothes washers is here: April Clothes Washers.

NYSERDA Announces New $3 Million Appliance Rebate Program

If you are an equipment manufacturer with a model which meets our specifications, but is not cedl our lists, please fill out the submission form to submit a product for review. October Clothes Washers. Super-efficient clothes washers also use less water than standard washing machines.

Aug 30, 3: They deliver to the East End towns and they were very helpful when this program was available last year. The list of qualified refrigerators can be found at http: January Clothes Washers. I orginally wanted a model that was not in the program, but they researched the comparable products and I got a better model for less money after the rebate from NYS.


Residential Clothes Washers Qualifying Product List | Energy Efficiency Program Library

May Clothes Washers. Aug 30, 1: What color is the sky? The specification sheet can be viewed here. November Clothes Washers. They did warn me that you should call to resjd a reservation number from NYS when to order the product.

Rebates will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis for completed applications, which will be available on a special website to be launched prior to the kickoff date or by calling NY-SMART The CEE high efficiency clothes washer specifications have two parts: July Clothes Washers.