CCS technology could capture up to 90% of carbon dioxide from emissions and This paper presents the levelised cost of electricity of CCGT with CCS and. Prior to delivery to the CCGT power block, the fuel gas is heated to 78°C as an efficiency measure, using waste heat in the form of low pressure steam generated. Tom will be providing an overview of Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) is part of the team engaged in developing the Peterhead CCS Project – one of two .

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And renewable energy would make a huge contribution to the low-carbon economy. Cite this paper Luan, T. Scientific Research Cds Academic Publisher. CCS will play a vital role in efforts to limit the global warming.

The application of CCS technology to CCGT plant

But, the CCS technology has much potential to reduce its LCOE, such as investing in large CO 2 storage clusters with shared pipelines to decrease the operation cost; re-use of existing oil and gas infrastructure to reduce the construction cost; developing a subsidiary supply business to increase the revenue of power plant.

To account for the time-value of money, the whole costs and benefits are adjusted for inflation and discounted rate. The LCOE equation is an evaluation of the life-cycle energy cost and life-cycle energy production [11].

Discounted rate, also known as the hurdle rate, is the minimum Internal Rate of Return IRR that a company expects to earn when investing in a project. On the contrary, post- Figure 1.


Delivering Our Low Carbon Future.

It denotes the level of risk to invest a project, riskier projects generally have higher hurdle rate [13]. To fcs the carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere, the process of CCS consists of three steps: Energy and Power Engineering9 Skip to main content.

Moreover, oxyfuel combustion technology has the trend to be the cheapest CCS technology. The overall pressure ratio of the GT is therefore similar to that of the reference plant without need for nozzle modifications.

Arup and Leigh [Fisher [16] [17] provide cost and technical assumptions for the renewable technologies and non-renewable technologies individually; NERA Economic Consulting [18] provide a report on hurdle rates for projects starting dcgt from The LCOE calculation begins with Equation 1expressing the equality between the present value of the sum of revenues on the left-hand side and the present value of the sum of costs on the right-hand side.

Interfaces with the CCGT | Global CCS Institute

To achieve the greenhouse gases reduction target, CCS technology will play as an important role to a low-carbon future, which allows continued use of fossil fuels whilst limiting global temperature rises. However, renewable energy is difficult to meet the increasing energy demand and keep lights on.

The hydrogen fuel gas for the gas turbine is supplied at a molar ratio ccgf about A, Norway and Algeria [9].

The rest of the fuel is sent to the gas turbine.

Forecasting the Impact of CCGT-CCS on the UK’s Electricity Market by LCOE

References [ 1 ] CCC. The LCOE represents the present value of the unit cost of electricity over the lifetime of the powerstation.


The required concentration of N 2 is achieved by varying the amount of process air sent to the ATR. The total electricity produced in is TWh, and the shares of electricity generation based on primary fuel source are Please enable JavaScript ccgt view the comments powered by Disqus.

6.3 Interfaces with the CCGT

IP steam at a pressure of about 49barg is produced by heat recovery from the synthesis gas produced in the ATR. This limitation of renewable could be solved by coal and gas-fired power station fitted with carbon capture storage CCS technology. LCOE of Wind and solar PV technologies is decreasing due to the reduction of construction cost and increment of average load factor.

EPE Most popular papers.

The total costs of power station include:. However, since the configuration of Scenario 5 is such that the GT compressor is sized to also supply compressed air for use in the reforming process, the increase in volumetric flow of fuel into the GT is offset by the equal amount of additional air extracted for the process. The total costs of power station include: First, carbon dioxide will be separated and captured either by before the combustion process by pre-combustion capture, or after the combustion process by post-combustion capture or oxy-combustion capture [4].

The LCOE of pre-combustion technology is the highest amongand respectively.