Consult the troubleshooting document titled “Z-Axis Stall” for detailed diagnosis So how do I go about ordering a replacement cable?. I just received $ worth of spare parts for my Summer Sign Season. . The very first run I did upon recieving it, you guessed it z axis stall. During this carve I received one “Z Axis stall” error message. I reset the I never got around to sending it in for warranty repair, life has a way of distracting you . ?vendor=ringneckblues.

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Re-calibrate Machine

If the FFC cable is dragging bend it upwards so that it consistently clears the heatsink. If your not a member of the forum and wish to sign-up click on “Register” button below. The machine has 64 hours of carve-time. Mon Apr 22, 7: The cutting bit makes high speed vibration.


Deep in the woods. You may have to reach underneath the head to unplug the cable. It started with the lower z-xis bearing screw replaceemnt loose and the z truck went for the smoke test and failed. I see an off center phillips head screw,but cannot tell what is broken off.

You can’t have everything. I have 7 machines in a 50 mile radius. Lay the cable to the side out of the way. If you are a member sign-in now!


They’ve been a big help to other folks with problems out of warranty. That just shows they never opened the manual. Give it a try.

Calibrate Width Option To begin the width calibration you will want to do a hand measurement and machine measurement of your board width. Detach the flexshaft from the top of the Z-truck: That left me with the 12mm wrench option Carvweright looked everywhere except the bicycle shop, thanks for that tip!!!

Replace Z-Truck – CarveWright Support

They did it for weight, the 3 drives, Y and Z are Servo controlled using a gear box and rubber cog drive belt. Lay the head cover to the side: The QC or Quick Connector that holds the bits is a mechanical device with 3 ball bearings holding the bit holder inside the chuck.

So lets you and I clear it up.

Ken, I have read some of the posts on the Carvewright forum. Then install the bearing with the screw into the hole and put a bit of z-axiz locktite on the screw. I am still awaiting a response. I have had my first unit over 2 years. Although not an exact correlation, you should change the current value setting by 1 unit for every 0.

Replace Y-Truck

Using the wrench to hold the stud in place hand tighten the screw with the screwdriver do not tighten all the way yet. This site uses cookies. I purchased the CW and carved 1 test item It is made from Copper Circuit Board material.


Some parts are not covered by warranty. Luckily I was able to get my adjustable bearings loose. I also have had Z truck difficulties. These two items would make a great improvement for an already good machine. Re-assemble the FFC cable: There is a flex shaft running the cutting head and even though the instructions are clear how to do it and what is the proper lubricant.

The Motor is in the back and the head is driven by a Flex Shaft.

Over lubrication causes oil to work it’s way into the top of the spindle and it gets into the high speed bearings and causes heat and failure of the bearings. I like the changes. I always order more than one part to save on shipping. I and many others have had great customer service with the unit. Remove tension from, and free, the Y-belt: Has anyone else had a problem like this? Before recalibrating, make sure that you have the latest CarveWright firmware version running on your flash card version 1.

Click Me Weird Lines in Project Just goes to show how one small detail, like not putting Loc Tite on a screw at the factory can cause premature balding