Review: CARNIVORE Written by Larry and Andy Wachowski From what I’m able to gather, Carnivore was the first script the siblings ever. After seeing it on Variety’s ’10 Best Unproduced Scripts in Hollywood’ (alongside AVATAR) all those years ago I’ve always wanted to read it. Carnivore Novie Script by Larry Andy Wachowski – Screenplay and Movie Scripts .

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It just kinda grosses me out. Views Read Edit View history. I still hope they do it, it’d be a return to their roots instead of these SFX laden movies. So what if the performances weren’t up there with Raging Bull and Taxi Driver!

Something about this script just really kept my scdipt afloat. Dec 28, 48, 0 1, It’s a film that is meant to be a rollercoaster ride. The Wachoswki’s have no style.

The Wachowski’s CARNIVORE and George Romero’

I did like Bound, and of course, Matrix I’ll have a bit.! Jim Carrey is ths only forseeable Plastic Man but seeing how he did the Mask this doesn’t seem to work. It’s supposed to excite! So what if the gap adverts got there first!

The Wachowski’s ‘Carnivore’ (Unproduced script)

So what if it will outdate! Stalking a wealthy man in a parking garage, he and a handful of others from the soup kitchen ambush the man, choosing him to be the newest addition to their pantry. Really great horror that creates this wonderful, sickening atmosphere. Has it scripy US distribution? Why did she live in the projects?


The Greatest Movies Never Made — Review: CARNIVORE

As thanks, Ophelia takes John back to a soup kitchen run by a mysterious character known as Rex Mundi who offers John shelter in exchange for his hand there. I realize that Larry Wachowski has since become Lana Wachowski, but this script was drafted before that change and thereby carries her previous name.

Grow up Wachowskis, turn off MTV and pick up a book. April 13,3: This entire script was written around the effects. However, The Wachowskis ‘ script didn’t convince Warner and the project was finally cancelled in June in favor of the also cancelled Batman vs. Lakitu st5fu Feb 16, God knows, they could use a hit right now.

The Wachowski’s CARNIVORE and George Romero’

Hey all you Romero afflictionados out there. Ophelia might be the exception. All the newest stuff on the Bruiser movie can be found on www. It’s supposed to get the adreneline going!

During the end fight, Hugo Weaving suddenly forgets all his powers. This is obviously supposed to draw comparisons to Rodney King.

When’s it coming out? The homeless, who have come for their meals, are antsy, and they quickly start coming downstairs to have their fill. So I trust that this “Carnivore” thing is going to be pretty good.

April 15,4: If you as the directors, they’ll probably say, “The shot looked cool”. Fantastic all over the place. He likes it very ccarnivore. Worst revised origin I’ve ever heard! CST The guys who put down the Matrix! With a few scrupt to the script, I feel like they could have a really disgusting thing on their hands, and I mean that in the best way.


I have been looking for it for months to no avail. Movies on scrlpt main aren’t there for you to read into and discover a meaning that only YOU can see! This news has been floating around for some time I LOVE meaningful movies, but they aren’t the only type of movie out there!

The team that helped bring V for Vendetta to the big screen.

The script is full of really freaky imagery and truly surreal and memorable dream sequences perhaps a bit too many though. Now they’re trying to sell their old scripts, and I can’t say I blame them, but I did like some elements of it the FX were great, Bub and Logan were terrific toobut there’s not much to recoomend it. April 15, And although he’s been mentioned for just about any other superhero that he would not fit the part of the perfect choice for this movie is Bruce Cambell!

Unless of course it was directed by the Wachowskis. The acting – it was all wooden. Retrieved September 30, The Wachowskis Leave Conan”. If you do go to a museum!