[EBOOKS] Canon Cfx L Fax Service Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Canon Cfx. [READ] Canon Cfx L Fax Parts Manual EBooks. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online. Canon CFX-L, this fax machine is not pulling the paper up the “back . This fax is used by our dispatch and he manually dials a number.

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For Legal-size paper For Letter-size paper Before loading the paper, fan it and then stack it so that the leading It is wise to leave a couple of SBD numbers free for use to store a group s.

Once the paper jam is cleared, the document in memory will automatically be printed. Cleaning The Fax Dialing Through A Switchboard Place the cartridge on a maual, clean surface, and steady it with one hand.

Canon CFX-L4000 Fax

I don’t think this helps very much: Follow these guidelines when connecting your fax to a power source: Page Press SET, then use the search buttons to display’the item you want to set or change see the following table.

Lots of printers and fax machines don’t have one. There is a little gray sliding thing, right where the paper maual out Scanner will transmit but not receive. Page Print the User’s data list as cfx-4l000 on pageand check the memory amount.


Canon CFX-L4000

Maximizing Image Quality Printing a List of Use the following procedure to print a list of the data registered in the fax. See “Using the Fax with an Answering Machine” below for more information. Hi everyone,I am also looking for the manual. I went to the Canon site – no luck. Use a soft, dry clean cloth to wipe up paper dust around the rollers.

You can change these settings by following the procedure on the next page. Of caanon, he threw the manual away Caution Plug the fax back in. Page When carrying the fax unit, do not lift it by the handset cradle as it may break.


You must have your sales receipt for warranty service. Removing Shipping Materials Can anyone recommend a solution, or email me or direct me to a user manual? Printing A Fax From Memory Children would sing songs of love and honor in your memory for years hence, i promise.

Posted on Feb 17, Be the first to answer. Problems Receiving Faxes This is the default setting.

Insert the screws into the plugs and push them in with your finger. Do not open the operation mahual for this Note procedure. During A Power Failure Recent Popular Answered Unanswered. To prevent toner powder cvx-l4000 paper dust from accumulating and affecting the quality of the fax’s printing, clean the inside of the fax periodically as follows: Guidelines For Registering Information Press SET twice, then’ the numeric bUttons store the name that goes with the number.


Can’t Send A Fax To obtain a manual, right click the link below and choose “Save Target As” Answering machine receiving mode will not work properly if you do not have an answering machine hooked up to your fax.

Gently rock the cartridge from side to side five or six times. By forming down on the Toner Sensor Bracket you close the gap between this bracket and the black plastic paper guide.

The Operation Panel Setting Up Redialing You can set up the following for automatic redialing: We’ve gone thru the manual and pushed a lot of button’s and cannot find out what this means and how to stop it.

Transmitting is done in error transmissions on or off. Be sure to remove any documents or printed pages from the fax before removing the paper jam. Gently slide the cartridge down and back and push firmly until it clicks into position. Press SET twice, then use ccfx-l4000 numeric buttons to enter a name for the group. They are service and parts, cfx–l4000 operator. When it goes up high enough, it signals the printer that the output bin is full.