The problem with Acrobat is that they changed the naming convention for DDE commands. For the version 11 you have to use AcroviewA Still in [Exec\Acrobat ] comment out the “DDEOpen” This should make WinEdt stop showing the warning “Cannot Open DDE Link to:” You I switched to Sumatra PDF, which works well with my WinEdt Using Sumatra but still encountering DDE acrobat based error the pdf in Sumatra I encounter the following error: Cannot Open DDE Link to.

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Changing the registry key worked for me! Worked like a charm.

Configuring editors with SumatraPDF

You guys are sitting on your brains. This document explains how to configure your favourite editor for synchronization with SumatraPDF. Does anyone have a solution?

I never added a “me too” Sumtara only replied I just did a search and found some mentions that this stops stuff from working. The second 0 tells SumatraPDF to stay in the background and leave the focus to the text editor. I wish I could upvote twice, you’ve earned it: It occuered as soon as I uninstalled Adobe Air. How about a fix, or at some decent commentary on how to resolved it.


At the end you will find something like: I am using acrobat with windows 10 and it didn’t work for opne so. Editing the registry key as described resolved opfn problem of not being able to directly open a PDF. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. It seems to be hanged forever and finally pops an error window “Fatal Error – Acrobat failed to connect to a DDE server”.

Blog Research Software Links About me. Notify me of new comments via email. I just spent a while trying to solve this problem: We will confirm once the patch is available for general public. I checked the registry like others have suggested, no luck, already “R”. This time when launching Acrobat – It hung on the splash screen with “FusionPro” initializing. I have also tried: And remember these instructions for the next Ssumatra version…. We are using Adobe Acrobat Professional 9.

Configuring editors with SumatraPDF

Adobe apparently has no interest in finding a [safe] resolution to this issue for me. Since I can’t post answers for another 6 hours, and I have a cannlt probability of forgetting to return here and accept an answer, I’ll post my exact actions here.

I am then unable to open another PDF. The problem is probably that Reader locks the PDF for editing, so pdftex cannot change it.


Cannot open DDE link: Acroview Error (winEdt) | Life of A Researcher

I began reading with high hopes, but at least according to the directions of that answer my Adobe doesn’t have a Protected Mode option.

Post 1 Post 2 Post 3.

Whenever I open WinEdt and I compile a file, everything works like a charm. So I suspect that the problem is due to some problem in version updates.

Problems with Winedt 7 and Adobe Acrobat?

Pdf’s do not open correct Re: I’m sorry if this exact question has already been asked, but the similar duplicates I’ve found didn’t have the same phrasing. I had almost decided cannoy just uninstall it, but I use it too much.

Are you trying to combine files like the original poster, or something else?

Installation instructions are provided in the zip file. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. This fixed the problem.

Don’t guess, search, or poke around! Any suggestions would be appreciated!! Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I finally got it working on my computer by performing the following: Finally I uninstalled and went back to Acrobat Pro 9.