“I have a class theory of literature,” Disch once explained. “I come from the wrong neighborhood to sell to The New Yorker. No matter how good I am as an artist. “And it isn’t just Camp Archimedes. It’s the whole universe. The whole goddamned universe is a fucking concentration camp.” Mordecai rolled back into the pile. In this chillingly plausible work of speculative fiction, Thomas M. Disch imagines an alternate s in which America has declared war on the rest of.

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As good as the setup for the story is, the writing is even better.

Camp Concentration by Thomas M Disch

Or is his story a figment of his imagination? Let’s see how it holds up. Part 2 even begins with diisch series of disjointed, unintelligible ramblings that I could not follow to save my life – I partly think we’re not supposed to understand it because it’s meant to be above and beyond our intelligence? This is a thinking novel and with dialogue carrying on the weight to get across the points.

That is a tall order for an author to fulfill, and part of the thrill of reading this book is concengration Disch manage the character with aplomb. Babel Delany, Samuel R.

Camp Concentration by Thomas M. Disch

Latria carries an emphasis on the internal form of worship, rather than external ceremonies. It turns out, however, that creating a few dozen instant geniuses, handing them all a death sentence, and locking them up together can lead to unexpected consequences. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy.


Hyperdulia, the special veneration accorded the Blessed Virgin Mary because of her unique role in the mystery of Redemption, her exceptional gifts of grace from God, and her pre-eminence among the saints. If somebody wanted to take my friend away, would you stop them, Mummy?

Sachetti is a jailed conscientious objector, a “conchie” who finds himself transferred from a federal prison to the luxurious Camp Archimedes. As in Algernon, it’s a diary; this time, the diary is being kept by Louis Sacchetti, a poet and conscientious objector who is assigned to the project with the brief of reporting on progress from a literary perspective.

Apr 06, Shannon Giraffe Days rated it liked it Shelves: Disch is one of the overlooked masters of science fiction, and Camp Concentration is one of his finest novels.

No matter how good I am as an artist, they always can smell where I come from. As other reviews concenntration mentioned, this book is not perfect.

The last of the great chiliasts. The parallels in this book abound, but with the notion of poisoned minds, whether by the State which is engaged in perpetual war or through the experiments in Camp Archimedes, where Sacchetti has been sent to participate in tests of a new mind-expanding drug, one is reminded that this book was written during the middle of the Viet Nam War era.

Still, what’s good is good and just looking at those parts makes this read worthwhile. Talk about a book csmp makes you doubt yourself!

Camp Concentration

I like sf books that take place in the present day, or rather, the present day of their composition. Then there is the general dilemma of writing about such djsch topic for children: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Dhalgren Delany, Samuel R.


The more I think about this book, the more I am really unhappy about it. It’s a thinking novel, and frankly it’s too hot to think that clearly.

Yet in the current era, when literary fiction and sci-fi are again cross-fertilizing and producing vibrant new hybrids, this s book could serve as a textbook, showing how this merging of highbrow and lowbrow can be achieved, and what heights it can reach.

Aug 31, Jonfaith rated it liked it Shelves: The book is set during a war, projected from the Vietnam Warin which the United States is apparently criminally involved it is noted at one point that the US is waging germ warfare in “the so-called neutral countries”. Yet it is much less focused than that, the parameters of the experimentation are unclear, and there is a sense that the war itself is no longer important.

My initial high hopes melted to bemusement.

A more focused novel thanif less ambitious as that novel reads like a soap opera written by Ballard with all the good and bad that that implies. Paperbackpages. As another inmate undergoing the drug treatment that enhances intelligence, Mordecai has become obsessed with alchemy to the bewilderment of Sachetti. It also puts a cap on life at nine additional months.