For personal information access requests, send an email to CDSS’ Public Inquiry and Response Unit [email protected] and/or call () They will. consult one of many state-funded organizations that provide legal services to immigrants by visiting our webpage at Yes, by clicking the Pay On-line button at the top of this page. Direct link: https://

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No legitimate state or county representative would ever ask for your Cahwnwt. Departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture. We will only pay for Cal-Learn supportive services for an approved activity. You cannot participate in the Cal-Learn Program if we told you we cannot serve you. What Fees Can Be Waived?

Department of Social Services – State of California

If you can prove a legitimate claim, contact your Regional Office to begin the refund request process. My language and dialect is: June The California Department of Social Services CDSS Privacy Notice on Collection covers our practices regarding personal information collected when completing applications gog forms online or hardcopy for our various programs.

There are no provisions for waiving any assessed fees. Housing and Homelessness Programs The California Department of Social Services has several programs to help individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The action on this notice may stop you from getting services from your managed care health plan. You will not receive a bill for a Civil Penalty. You have the right to ask for a hearing cahwbet you disagree with any county action.


Welfare and Cahwnwt Code section CDSS collects personal information directly from individuals who volunteer to obtain some of our services.

Order in which the payment is applied: Any fields in the application or form with unrestricted text are intended for the requested information only.

If you are already on the Consolidated Billing Program and you open up a ggov facility, you must request to have that new site added. If the facility does NOT have outstanding fee balances, a new billing effective date will be assigned based on the license effective date.


If you think your benefits may have been stolenyou should immediately call the customer service telephone number on the back of your EBT card, at or contact your county. This work, accomplished everyday, provides stability, opportunity and promotes wellness in communities throughout California. You can ask about your hearing rights or for a legal aid referral at the toll-free state phone numbers listed above. Postal Service to process, as this may cause delays. Find a County Office.

If the facility has outstanding fees at the time of a change of location, the old billing history will transfer to the new facility, additionally the billing effective date will remain the same as the original facility. A relative or friend cannot interpret for you at the hearing.

Under the Consolidated Billing Program, the designated primary facility will receive a combined bill that reflects the annual fees required for each secondary facility based on capacity.


Information Practices Act – Cahwmet Code section et seq. Civil Penalties can be paid in installments. Headlines and Hot Topics. This online course will address reporting responsibilities; help participants to understand how, when and where to report suspected abuse or neglect; and inform participants of what to expect after a report is made.


Yes, this fee is in addition to the annual fee. Once you are logged in you will have 20 minutes to pay your bill. If we gof you your other supportive services payments will stop, you will not get any more payments, even if you go to your activity.

If you ask for a hearing, the State Hearing Division will set up a file. Government Code section Hearing Request Date of Notice of Action: FFA sub-offices are not required to pay an annual fee, change of location fee or any other fee that is based on the annual fee. This offsets the General Fund expenditure and allows the division to maintain its critical functions. I need the state to provide me with an interpreter at no cost to me. If you do not want to go to the hearing alone, you can bring a friend or someone with you.

The 90 days started the day after the county gave or mailed you this notice. Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse and Neglect in California eLearning In California many professions are legally designated as mandated reporters of elder and dependent adult abuse.