BTA06 6A Triacs. DESCRIPTION Suitable for AC switching operations, the BTA/ BTB06 series can be used as an ON/OFF function in applications such as static. It is recommended that you completely review our Data Sheet(s) so as to The information furnished in the Data Sheet and on the CDIL Web Site/CD are. VD=2/3 VDRM. ─. ─. V/㎲. IH. Holding Current. ─. ─. mA. Rth(j-c). Thermal Impedance. Junction to case. ─. ─. °C/W. BTAB. 2/6.

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Product is in design feasibility stage. Product is in volume production only to support customers ongoing production.

Choosing Suitable heat sink for BTA06

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Worst case thermal resistance is 2. General terms and conditions. Aug 16, 44 0. Communications Equipment, Computers and Peripherals. In other words, This website in my county sells aluminum heat sinks but i don’t know which one is suitable to withstand a 3A current. Sep 8, 1. How to implement a SCR satasheet a Triac in a hybride relay application.


I can say you have less than 3 watts to get rid of, so think btx06 the size of a 6 watt resistor and a heat sink that size should work. Heat sink for tip36 Posted by nikhilsonar29 in forum: Sep 9, 9. Distributor Name Region Stock Min. Sep 9, I’ll try to implement the circuit and inform you soon with the results.

Oct 15, 5, 1, So if you have a 2cm x 2cm piece of aluminum you have 8 cm of surface area both sides. You May Also Like: Buy Direct Add to cart. Media Subscription Media Contacts.

Nov 30, 18, 9, Computers and Peripherals Data Center. Do you already have an account? Support Center Video Center. There has to be some thickness to that radiator, but I haven’t run the numbers in my long history fatasheet fiddling with math and electronics.

Can you do the math? Product is in volume production Evaluation: Electronics Design on Linux Interested in using Linux for your everyday tasks, but worried about compatibility?

(PDF) BTA06 Datasheet download

Sep 9, 7. Looks like i need to read more to understand this topic more. If you can do the math for the Centigrades per Watt and try to find something that matches what you can actually buy, that’s a way. Personally, I would just bolt that to about 70 mm by 70 mm piece of 6mm aluminum. Datashete Products Explore our product portfolio.


BTA06 Datasheet PDF –

Product is in design stage Target: No availability reported, please contact our Sales office. Sep 8, 3. Heat Sink for Power Mosfet Posted by ignite in forum: AC switch triggering with 3. W are specially recommended for use on inductive loads, thanks to their high commutation performances.

Product is under characterization. Not Recommended for New Design. Sep 9, 8. Hello everyone, I tried to search online how to calculate the power dissipation on the triac to select the suitable heat sink.