BSIM3 users, especially the Compact Model Council (CMC) member companies. . This manual describes the BSIM3v model in the following manner. The BSIM3 model (BSIM = Berkeley Short channel Insulated gate field effect For a detailed description of these features, refer to the BSIM3 manual from. BSIM3 can model the following physical effects of modern submicron MOS For a detailed description of these features please refer to the BSIM3 manual of.

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BSIM3 is a public model and is intended to simulate analog and digital circuits that consist of deep submicron MOS devices down to channel lengths of 0. BSIM3 is a physical model with built-in dependencies of important device dimensions and process parameters like the channel length and width, the gate oxide thickness, substrate doping concentration and LDD structures.

The BSIM3 Model

Due to its physical nature and its built-in geometry dependence, the prediction of device behavior of advanced devices based on the parameters of the existing process is possible. As a further improvement, one set of model parameters covers the whole range of channel lengths and channel widths of a certain process that can be used in circuit designs. Due to the physical meaning of many model parameters, the BSIM3 model is the ideal basis for the statistical analysis of process fluctuations.


You can order this manual from Berkeley or you can get it over the Internet. See References for details. The extraction nanual are based on the BSIM3v3.

Therefore, no or only a minimum of optimization is needed to get a good fit between measured and simulated device behavior. The routines of this release refer to version 3. The first three versions have differences in some model parameters, and the model parameter sets are not compatible.

The following example of the parameter UC, which is a part of the mobility reduction, demonstrates the problem: In BSIM3v2, the effective mobility eff was calculated according to the following formula: It can easily be recognized, that UC has quite different values in both equations.

Therefore, you must bzim3 sure that you use the same version of BSIM3 in both your simulator and your extraction tool.

The latest release, BSIM3v3. The model equations used are the same in those versions.


BSIM 3v MOSFET Model Users’ Manual | EECS at UC Berkeley

Vertical and lateral non-uniform doping. Mobility reduction due to vertical fields. Drain induced barrier lowering DIBL. Channel length modulation CLM.

Substrate current induced body effect SCBE. Short channel capacitance model. Temperature dependence of the device behavior.