Bachelor of Science [] (Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality In those 3 years a student has to go through theory subjects as well as practical. I – SEMESTER –I: BOTANY PRACTICAL SYLLABUS. Paper-I: Microbial Diversity, Algae and Fungi. Total hours of laboratory Exercises 30 hrs @ 2 per. Job options for BSc (BZC) They have a wide range of options available in terms of subjects, topics, fields and other associated as mentioned above to pursue.

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The scientific study of the behavior, physiology, classification, and distribution of animals.

D in Management M. Sc Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry B. There are class tests, practicals, assignments, seminars, projects, and theory lectures. D in Law M. ZC Group Combinations B. A Bachelor of Computer Application. Tech Common Syllabus for all branches-1st Year.

Sc Biochemistry, Chemistry and Computer Applications. Finolex Academy of Management and Technology. Sc Botany, Chemistry and Genetics B. Other Institutes offering same Course. A Public Administration B.


Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Biology) – Syllabus

Keep up to date with our progress by following us. Sc Botany, Chemistry and Biochemistry B. D in Engineering Ph. Com Part – 2 B. Sc Poultry Science B. Com Gender Sensitisation B. More Information about this and other related courses. User Rating 3 out of 5 based on 56 Ratings. Tech Information Technology B.

Reply to this post. A Mathematics, Economics and Commerce B. Those marks include marks of internal as well as external assessments. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, Lattice energy and solvation energy, Born-Haber cycle and its applications, Chemical Thermodynamics, Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry, Stereochemistry, Baeyer strain theory and its limitations, cyclohexane and its conformers.

D in Arts M.

UG-BSC – Bachelor of Science BZC

Com Corporate Accountancy B. Poultry Science Effect From B.

Com Corporate Secretaryship B. This topic covers the knowledge about chemical and physio-chemical processes related to living organisms. Log in with Facebook. D in Architecture Syllanus.

D in Education M. Sc Industrial Chemistry B. Sc Biotechnology, Chemistry and Zoology B. Sc Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Applications. Bachelor of Science [B. Sc Botany, Chemistry and Geology B. I would like to know any indian University that offers MSc data mining by distance learning.


Kakatiya University, Warangal, Telangana, India.

This course is studied to understand the biological processes for industries especially the genetic manipulation of micro-organisms. Ltd Vault Information Technologies Pvt. Understanding of relationships between different organisms to eyllabus another and to their physical surroundings. Students has to study some important courses during B. Ed Bachelor of Education B.

Com Corporate Secretary Ship B. Sc Botany, Chemistry and Microbiology B. It is the study of interactions between the physical, chemical, and biological components of the environment.

A Rural Industry B. Pharm Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Sc Biotechnology, Chemistry and Computer Applications. Sc Microbiology, Botany and Computer Applications. A Bachelor of Computer Application B. Ed Bachelor of Education. Sc Mathematics, Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry.