More info on SAYC: ACBL SAYC System Booklet and ACBL Standard Yellow Card (both in PDF format). See also: Full SAYC convention card. SAYC Bridge Conventions. Here are some of the conventions that should be played under normal circumstances. Trying to put all we play in one place in a. Standard American is a bidding system for the game of bridge widely used in North America promulgated by the American Contract Bridge League. SAYC is widely used in internet bridge play, but only rarely in on-site tournament play.

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If you cannot do either of the above, bid 1NT non-forcing.

Standard American – Wikipedia

After a 2NT rebid all systems are 3 is Stayman, 3 and 3 are transfers, etc. Rebidding no-trump at the cheapest available level; Raising responder’s suit at the cheapest level this can be done with good three-card support if desired ; Rebidding a new suit but not reversing ; Rebidding opener’s suit at the lowest level. High-low shows an even of cards, low-high shows odd. Is to play if the swyc double an artificial bid by your side e.

Opener is asked to clarify his distribution and assist responder in evaluating the partnership’s prospects for slam.

Standard American

Partner bids seven of the trump suit when holding two of the top three honors in the suit. If the opening is in a minor suit, the cuebid shows the majors; if the opening is in a major, the cuebid shows the other major and an unspecified minor.


Which card is led from xxx, xxxx or xxxxx. Defensive Carding Standard attitude signals.

Raise points and four-card support or better. If made at the three level it shows a maximum hand. Investigate and or bid slam, etc.


Over a weak two it shows a balanced holding of points. Rebid his own second suit at the cheapest level weak hand.

Raise Partner’s minor with adequate support. When responder holds a long major suit, it is appropriate to transfer with no strength, planning to pass when sacy accepts the transfer. Cue bidding is often used to avoid Blackwood when holding a void or worthless doubleton.

The partnership is not committed to game.

There is nothing ‘new’, per se, which an ACOL player would be surprised by. If responder rebids three of either minor, he is showing slam interest and at least a five-card suit.

Pull the double to a suit at the two-level when holding a weak distributional hand. Pass with any decent holding. After a pass by RHO, responder should:. Is to play if your side is at the four level or higher. Normally shows an opening hand and support for any suit partner may choose. A new suit at the two level or higher is forcing for one round.


A balancing cue bid is for take out and shows a void in opener’s suit. But it is still a framework.

Bridge Player LIVE! – SAYC

Opener will pass, correct to three of the major, bid 3NT or bid 4 of the major suit. A balancing double followed by 2NT shows points. Any minimum bid points. Your side bridgw at the four level or higher: If the bid suit is a major, the cue bid shows or better in the other major and an unspecified minor. A 3NT response shows a balanced points and two-card trump support.

This page was last edited on 1 Julyat With a medium opener good 16 to 18 pointsopener may: This approach requires an alert as it is not standard SAYC. Failing two of the top bgidge, partner bids six of the agreed syac. The intent was to offer “Yellow Card” events in which everyone played the same system, thereby avoiding alerts and misunderstandings.

The bid is made with weak hands, usually less than opening count.