Readers’ questions about A Realidade Oculta – Universos paralelos e as leis profundas do cosmo. 1 question answered. by Brian Greene. Buy La realidad oculta: Universos paralelos y las profundas leyes del cosmos ( Spanish Edition): by Brian Greene (Author), Javier García Sanz (Translator). En Universos paralelos, Michio Kaku hace gala de todo su formidable talento didactico para enfrentarse a una de Brian Greene, autor de El universo elegante.

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In a nutshell, string theory attempts to reconcile a mathematical conflict between two already accepted ideas in physics: Quantum mechanics describes the world in terms of probabilities, rather than ubiversos outcomes.

In some, the parallel universes are separated from us by enormous stretches of space or time; in others, they’re hovering millimeters away; in others still, the very notion of their location proves parochial, devoid of meaning.

Point to those other worlds,” and that’s challenging because the other worlds of quantum mechanics would not reside in our space as we normally think about it.

La realidad oculta – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

You can certainly put all those ideas together and have a many universe theory in which you also have extra dimensions of space, so they’re not mutually exclusive. So if the universe is infinitely large, it is also home to infinite parallel universes. In this way, a multitude of universes exists next to each other in a giant patchwork quilt of universes. Our universe may live in one bubble that is sitting in a network of bubble universes in space.

Eventually, matter has to repeat itself and arrange itself in similar ways. So we’ll keep going and, who knows, maybe a new particle will turn up in the next few months, next years, but, obviously, who can say? Achetez les produits the fabric of the cosmos: Parallel worlds or parallel universes or multiple universes or alternate universes or the metaverse, megaverse, or multiverse — they’re all synonymous and they’re all among the words used to embrace not just our universe but a spectrum of others that may be out there.


Amazon iBooks Independent Booksellers. The universe we live in may not be the only one out there.

5 Reasons We May Live in a Multiverse

It would be out there in space, wildly vibrating, you know, maybe one lone string in our observable universe. Berliner Taschenbuch Verlag Published: If it exists, it could explain literally everything in the universe — from subatomic particles to the laws of speed and gravity.

La magie du Cosmos: And in some of these bubble universes, the laws of physics and fundamental constants might be different than in ours, making some universes strange places indeed.

In fact, some experts think the existence of pzralelos universes is more likely than not. Greene uses a similar metaphor for accessing alternate dimensions, employing a worm rather than a flea. Columbia University physicist Brian Greene describes the idea as the notion that “our universe is one of potentially numerous ‘slabs’ floating in a higher-dimensional space, much like a slice of bread universoz a grander cosmic loaf,” in his book “The Hidden Reality” Vintage Books, It posits that the entire universe can be explained in terms of really, really small univeross that vibrate in 10 or 11 dimensions — meaning dimensions we can’t see.

The bob of my head, the sweep of my arm silently echoed between the mirrors, each reflected image nudging the next. It was a safe way to break the rules. Want more news like this? It’s not as though there’s a higher dimensional geometry within which all of the quantum worlds exist. Ikarus am Abgrund der Zeit by Brian Greene. The notion of more than one universe, more than one everything, would seemingly be a contradiction in terms.


Your purchase helps support NPR programming. In your parlelos book, you talk about six different experiments and observations that you say have the capacity to link string theory to data, one of them being gravitational waves.

By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. Each envisions our universe as part of an unexpectedly larger whole, but the complexion of that whole and the nature of the member universes differ sharply among them.

Brian Greene

What we would’ve hoped would’ve next happened would have been the discovery of some the more exotic particles relevant to string theory. The bestselling author of The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos tackles perhaps the most mind-bending question in modern physics and.

Sometimes it refers only to those parts of everything pafalelos someone such as you or I could, in principle, have access to. Jan, Search Rank: What criteria distinguish realms that are distinct parts of a single universe from those classified as universes of their own? Clara has a bachelor’s degree in astronomy and physics from Wesleyan University, and a graduate certificate in science writing from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Because the observable universe extends only as far as light has had a chance to get in the Univers Elegant Gree by Brian Greene. Feb, Search Rank: In fact, our universe could be just one of an infinite number of universes making up a “multiverse.

During the last half century, science has provided ample ways in which this possibility might be realized.

The supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy.