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For the details ofthese dynasties see the annotations on that chapter II. Three ofthe intentional creations are mentioned in details. Our goal is to universalize knowledge through the most popular international medium of expression.

A guest at the time of Sraddha should be received as ‘masters ofYoga move in different forms to guide people in Dharma’ ibid V. The first quotation in OJ.

Vyasa and his Disciples Adhvaryava Black Yajurveda 4. These published text has a cumulative total of chapters. IV Nanda Dynasty Op.

He was brought up by six Krttikas Pleids and hence was known as Kdrttikeya. All these are partial transformation of the Pradhana.

Full text of “Brahmanda Purana”

Vasistha and other sages, Manu brahmandz the like of him and Parasurama. King Sudas who was issueless directed his senior queen Suyasa to worship Ganesa and pray him to grant her a son. But that Purana in. The origin of the Mahat Great Principle from the Pradhdna, the characteristics of which are compared to SL dancing girl.


Predominance of Buddhists, Brahmannda, Kapalikas and atheists is predicted. The description of the two kasthas kosflta—avcnspTmi quarters or courses of windsthe two Lekhas, horizons or Lekhas — deities and the zones in Yojanas; of the Lokaloka mountain of the brahnanda, of the day and of the Visuvat Equinox.

Saiikalpa thought- power and Adhyavasdya determination are remembered to be his functions. Moreover, we find that the Lalita Mahatmya starts with a fresh Mangalacarana and has a new pair of interlocutors. Nor the Liriga-replica prepared by them could include Toni.

Sri Brahmanda Puranam

The uncritical nature of the text can be a cause for some, but the number of discrepancies is too large to be explained that way. Other scriptures Bhagavad Gita Agamas. The Purana Index, Volume 1: The published manuscript of the Brahmanda Purana have three Bhaga parts.

Pliilo — History of Indian Piiilosopiiy are not included in tliis list. The Lord knowing that these human dispositions always consist of the good and the evil, created them again, indeed, without hesitation avisahkah for the sake ofperformance of religious actions.

The positions of the stars and the planets and their transit from brqhmanda Zodaical sign to another and the abode ofthe Siddhas and their distance in yojanas in details and the allocation of places in the heaven to men of auspicious conduct. This is indicative of the title ‘Brahmanda Purana’.


This has already been heard by you from Vyasa.

The above ‘boons’ show that the cult of Ganesa was well-established and the eminent position given to him in Hindu Pantheon dates prior to the final redaction of this Purana. When VaranasI became vacant Nikumbha reported the matter to god Siva who came to live there with his spouse. Vyasa seems to have taught this Purana presumably others also to his five disciples but Jaimini, Sumantu, Yaisampayana and Pailava Paila took interest in the Veda, leaving the preservation of the Puranic Lore to Suta Lo Ro maharsana.

Parasurama de- parts and in his absence sons of Karttavlrya kill Jamadagni and Renuka too dies heart-broken. So also the return curse uttered by Daksa.

Thus i there is a difference in the total number of Mantras in different Vedas as stated in Bd. The dtmerttions are mentioned.