Learn how to escape the tight, often limiting confines of “box” scale patterns. FIGURE 1A applies this concept to the G minor pentatonic scale. How to Hack the Five Pentatonic Scale Shapes. Learn how to use the five pentatonic box shapes in real-time soloing over a groove or song. Learn to play beginner guitar scales using these easy lessons to speed you towards guitar mastery fast. Part 2.

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Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end? We have the classic tape, there iis the self-adhesive backed photo corner, dry picture mounting technique, wet mounting method and spray mounting technique. In Conclusion Let’s summarize the ways sczle used the minor pentatonic scale in this lesson: I hope this helps!

Each shape is moveable so you can play these shapes in every key. Take a look at these two popular pentatonic box patterns. If you play that, you’ve either played two octaves of the A minor scale plus an extra C at the end or two octaves of the C major scale plus an extra A at the beginning.

Pentatonic Scales

After all, you want to play tunes, so a scale is really just a pallette of notes to choose from. This position is related to a G major chord shape.

I’ve been focusing on this for a week now and I finally understand the relation between the minor and major pentatonic scales. Now let’s look at the complete, 5-position diagram of the pentatonic scale. The tone quality in each case will of course be different.

The last scale shape begins with your fourth finger on the 15th fret. Listen to how the scale shapes sound different over pentatonjche chord. Back to the Circle of Fifths, next up is Ab.


Also seventh note on the g form box is also being played on the first fret of the g string and is therefore a g.

Pay close attention to the sound of each note against the chord as you play. What this means is that when you play F Minor Pentatonic over a Bb minor chord, you’ll be highlighting the root, 5th, minor 7th, 9th, and 11th or 4th.

See the scape patterns, suggested fingerings and alternate fingerings here! On the guitar, there are five common scale patterns for pentatonic scales, commonly called box positions ie.

There is no 2nd or 6th, and because of that, there are also no half steps. That’s an excellent question. For the fourth scale shape you’ll start with your second finger on the 10th fret. The pentatonic scale is the fastest way to sounding really good.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Even though those are three different types of F minor scales, they all include the notes of F Minor Pentatonic. Here are the links to all of the lessons on the beginner scales. Finally, a small rant on my personal philosophy Another common mode used with a Bbm9 chord is Bb Dorian, boc to make this lesson extra thorough, here’s a diagram showing the Bb Dorian mode along with the F Minor Pentatonic scale. This is slowing me down.

There’s two things going on that you need to understand. In order to pentatonicge a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: Box 1, Box 2, etc. In Dom’s answer, he refers to the interval structure of a scale as ‘pattern’. Here is an example of an F Minor Pentatonic being played over an Fm7 chord.


The 5 Major Pentatonic Scale Shapes – Positions

To be a good guitarist, you need to know all the positions of the pentatonic, but if you just learn the odd ones, which are easy 1,3 and 5 you will already know where the notes are for the more complicated looking even ones 2 and 4. Notice where the root note locations are, and use them to help you understand and remember each shape.

Two notes per string, you can pretty scals play it with two fingers, and you can almost sound like Jimmy Page. This is because they sound great over many styles of music, and are relatively easy to start improvising with.

The 5 Pentatonic Scale Shapes – Guitar Lesson

Take your time to learn all the shapes. I meant down i.

Jam until it feels like second nature. The lessons on my website will always be free, but if the information here has helped you or your students, please consider making a donation. You can also incorporate some blues licks. In this case, it’s an E major chord shape.

Use What You Know: If all the writing and theory is too dense for you, I recommend starting with the audio examples and the corresponding fretboard diagrams.

This position is related to a C major chord shape.