Bosch Autodome Series VGECEV P HD PTZ Dome Security Camera are a powerful solution built to adapt to any indoor or outdoor surveillance. The Bosch AutoDome Series HD PTZ Outdoor Camera (Clear Bubble) is an easy to install, outdoor PTZ camera with HDTV p30 quality video. Bosch AutoDome p HD. by Security Electronics and Networks | @ Articles Product Reviews | December 20, , am AEDT. Share Tweet Pin Link.

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Security Cameras by Megan Wollerton Feb 16, In reduced bandwidth mode p30the second stream is an independently configurable, downscaled-resolution stream.

There are 24 black or grey privacy masks displayed in the same scene. Approximately 2 megapixels Aspect Ratio HD: In both modes, the third H. The IVA functionality built into the AutoDome is able to detect idle and removed objects as well as loitering, multiple line crossing, and trajectories.

Bosch AutoDome Series HD VGECEV – network surveillance camera Overview – CNET

The AutoDome Series aufodome provides support for 2 recorded tours, which have a combined duration of 15 minutes of movement. A A A Font size Print. In both modes the third H. In addition, the AutoScaling proportional zoom and AutoPivot automatically rotates and flips the camera features ensure optimal control.


Bosch Vg5-836-ecev Outdoor 20x Autodome 800 Series HD PTZ Camera

With built-in video content analysis, the AutoDome reinforces the Intelligence-at-the-Edge concept where edge devices become increasingly intelligent. Via Internet Explorer Web browser version 7. Automatic normal, lowOne-push, Manual. The smartest video doorbell around The smartest video doorbell around by Megan Wollerton. Technical Service Note Mounting tips to decrease effects of vibration.

Personally, I think standard definition will phase out. The AutoDome Series uses an advanced H. The transition to HD gives far superior performance. In the reduced bandwidth mode p30the second stream is an independently configurable, downscaled resolution stream.

Power Low Voltage Power. Autotrack II automated motion tracking. As the camera is zoomed, each mask changes size so the covered object cannot be seen. WDR ensures that bright areas are not saturated and that dark areas are not too dark.

We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Nice features of the AutoDome include bandwidth throttling to manage bandwidth and storage requirements, as well as network-based control of PTZ operation, presets, tours and alarms as well as web-based configuration of all dome settings.

QoS manages the delay, delay variation jitterbandwidth, and packet loss parameters to guarantee the ability of a network to deliver predictable results. Programmable for “normally open” or “normally closed” Open Collector Output 1: Special Alarm Task Script Language 5. Both cameras support H. Specified transmission distances are bozch to the optical loss of the fiber and any additional loss introduced by connectors, splices, and patch panels.


The AutoDome supports 99 pre-positions and 2 styles of Guard Tours: Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

Bosch AutoDome 800 1080p HD

In addition, the Wireless Alarms and Automation: It uses an advanced algorithm that continuously scans the scene for a lost object and resumes tracking when the object reappears or if the camera detects motion along the same trajectory.

All autoxome feature recessed screws and latches for increased tamper resistance.

Contact us If you need to know more, we have experts and information ready and waiting to help you. This IVA is state-of-the-art intelligent video analysis that reliably detects, tracks, and analyzes moving objects while suppressing unwanted alarms from spurious sources in the image.