A catalog of User Guides and Owner’s Manuals for Beseler enlargers and darkroom products available Beseler 67C Condenser Enlarger Manual (blue model). Documents Similar To Beseler 67c Enlarger Manual. SRTServiceManual. Uploaded by. Mario Lamprea · Beseler 45MXII Enlarger. Uploaded by. This camera manual is for reference and historical purposes, all rights reserved. Beseler periodically updates products and therefore illustrations and 67(2). ). TCS-ENLARGER. EXPLODED VIEW. IO – X. (

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This column is strengthened by stiffening fins on each side, with another pair at the rear. Stage beseeler good and the base is good but the lens is WHY out! Jun 24, To adjust the Negative and Lens stages, loosen don’t remove the two Philips head screws on each side of the negative stage.

We solved this problem by throwing it away.

Discussion in ‘ Enlarging ‘ started by emurrayJul 8, Simple Solutions The Beseler 67CS enlarger is an exercise in simplicity of design, assembly, and operation. No, create an account now.

Beseler 67 Series Enlargers Camera Manual

667c We haven’t made a big thing about the fact that the enlarger can accommodate negatives up to 6 x 7cm Mamiya RB67 Pro-S makes that size negative. To change from the condenser head to the colorhead, just loosen two setscrews at the rear of the condenser head and remove it. The machine has a heavy look, is extremely rigid and has a good, solid feel to it.


Introduction The Charles Beseler company began in making scientific and lab equipment, and began producing enlargers in Using our standard negative on llfobrom 2 paper developed in Dektol 2: It was written by Norman J. Printmaker 67 The Printmaker series comes in two sizes, the 35mm version and this 67 version, which can handle 6x7cm images. Position the head at the magnification you want and then twist it away from you to lock it tight.

Over the course of using my new to me Beseler 67c, I’ve discovered that the thing is out of alignment. As time goes on, designs for enlargers become increasingly better. Plastic gears in both sides of the carriage engage toothed racks on the frame. As such, the enlarger uses all of the negative carriers, lensboards and majual which have complemented preceding 67 models, including the Dichro 67S colorhead.

Tighten screws to secure. It’s fast, neat and accurate. Two-digit number — the max size of the negative it can accept e. I have a few of Instruction Manuals and brochures available for download. By using dichroic filters the Beseler 67 Beeler is manula to extend the capability of the 67 enlarger to color printing. The 67CS has no provision for distortion control; in other words, no swinging lensboard or tilting negative stage.

Topics covered in the manual include: My problem is that I am unsure which screws to start turning We thank you for your patronage and wish you all a safe and joyous Holiday Season!

We hope Beseler will do this in the near future. The following is an unsigned product review from the late, great Maanual Photography magazine, February The Beseler 67 Colorhead is a really “up-front” design. Two heavy springs maintain the elevated 67cc or clamp the negative carrier firmly in place—so firmly that, even though the negative carriers have tabs on them to allow rapid negative shifting, you’d better have strong fingers to resist the springs.

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Beseler 67C enlarger, all negative sizes to 6 x 7cm. The 67CS colorhead is compact and completely self-contained, but lacks a voltage stabilizer. So why are we timing out to three minutes? The practical effect is the consumer gets more for his dollar. We tested the “standard” version of the 67CS; an XL model, featuring greater on-baseboard magnification capability, is also available.

You turn the enlarger around on its baseboard by removing the three screws no tool necessary and reverse the machine. You will notice a second set of pins used to locate the carrier in the housing. Then replace the screws and it’s done.

Beseler 67C (early) Enlarger Instruction Manual

A third condenser is placed above the other two for doing 35mm work. We had guessed that it cost more than it 6c7, and to us that means there’s a lot of value there.

If your 67C enlarger has been fitted with a Dichroic colorhead, you will also require a separate dichroic lamphouse manual.