Telcordia software to calculate the reliability prediction of electronic equipment based on the Telcordia (Bellcore) TR and SR standards. Free trial. Telcordia Telecom Information SuperStore – Reliability Prediction Procedure for The following documents were fully or partly replaced by SR TR Bellcore TR – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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There are reasons for this variation. The usage temperature level is Kelvin. On Reliabilityvol. Figure 4 shows the data and calculated parameters.

In contrast to empirical reliability prediction methods, which are based on the statistical analysis of historical failure data, a physics of failure approach is based on the understanding of the failure mechanism and applying the physics of failure model to the data. Features Powerful and user friendly Telcordia telecom standard reliability prediction software Combine prediction methods for complex analysis Optimize designs to meet targeted goals Select components with regard to reliability and cost savings Be more accurate and efficient than with manual methods Take advantage of powerful ‘what if’ analytical tools Identify weak areas in a system design Build and open multiple systems and projects files Drag and drop components and systems between projects Powerful charting facilities ITEM ToolKit’s Reliability Prediction Modules ITEM ToolKit contains five modules for performing reliability prediction MTBF analysis.

An extended range of complexity for devices, and the addition of new devices. The Turnover Point,” Proc. It can also be used for:.


In using the above models, the model parameters can be determined from the design specifications or operating conditions. Next, we will discuss physics of failure methods, which are based on root-cause analysis of failure mechanisms, failure modes and stresses.

Since the parts may not operate under the reference conditions, the real operating conditions will result in failure rates that are different from those given by the “parts count” method.

Bellcore/Telcordia Predictions

Issue 4 of SR provides all the tools needed for predicting device and unit hardware reliability, and contains important revisions since the document was last issued. The failure rate for parts under specific operating conditions can be calculated as:.

Device and unit failure rate predictions generated using this procedure are applicable for commercial electronic products whose physical design, manufacture, installation, and reliability assurance practices meet the appropriate Telcordia or equivalent generic and product-specific requirements.

Permanent damage accumulates each time the device experiences a normal power-up and power-down cycle. These facilities enable you to experiment with temperature, environmental and stress settings and tr-323 how your system performance will vary.

Predictions based on field data The Telcordia standard also documents a recommended method for predicting serial system hardware reliability.

Bellcore/Telcordia Reliability Prediction in Lambda Predict

Time plot and the calculated B10 life for the analysis. For this example, the life of an electronic component is considered to be affected by temperature.

This is because the empirical and physics of failure methods calculate the system failure rate based on the predictions for the components e. Some parameters in the curve function can be modified by integrating engineering knowledge.


Black developed an empirical model bellcors estimate the MTTF of a wire, taking electromigration t-r332 consideration, which is now generally known as the Black model.

Fatigue failures can occur in electronic devices due to temperature cycling and thermal shock. The Telcordia Reliability Prediction Procedure has a long and distinguished history of use within and outside the telecommunications industry. The Black model employs external heating and increased current density and is given by:.

It contains instructions for suppliers to follow when providing predictions of their device, unit, or serial system reliability. Some have gained popularity within industry in the past three decades. Screen shots click to enlarge Grid view Dialog view Chart view. This assumes that there are no interaction failures between the components but, in reality, due to the design or manufacturing, components are not independent. In this article, we will provide an overview of all three approaches.

After the analysis is complete, ITEM ToolKit’s integrated environment comes into its own with powerful conversion facilities for transferring data to other modules of the program.

Bellcore/Telcordia Reliability Prediction in Lambda Predict

Time plot and calculated B10 life. Notice 1 and Notice 2 It is probably the most internationally recognized empirical prediction method, by far. The component is tested under temperatures ofand Kelvin. These techniques estimate the mean failure rate in FITs for electronic equipment.