The Confession of Belhar (). 1. We believe in the triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who through Word and Spirit gathers, protects and cares for the. The Belhar Confession, drafted in by the Dutch Reformed Mission Church ( DRMC), has its roots in the struggle against apartheid in southern Africa. In this. should not adopt Belhar Confession. Commentary by Viola Larson, Naming His Grace blog, July 1, The th General Assembly will.

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Given my other commitments, how much can I give not just of money and food, but of my time and self to him? What I find so gratifying confesssion the growing number of comments that share our concerns about the Belhar.

We gelhar learned enough about alcoholism and other addictions to know that treatment and rehabilitation even with relapses are far more effective and cost-effective than incarceration, but policymakers would rather build more prisons.

In the absence of guiding principles of application as distinguished from “belief” Christians often rely on secular principles.

Suffice to say for the moment that a preference for less government involvement is not dependent upon Randian objectivism. If the existing Reformed confessions inadequately guide us in their applications, then maybe more education on those applications is desirable.

This takes us back to the Belhar. Given the Office of Social Justice, certain elements of the Contemporary Testimony, and other movements afoot, that is a reasonable fear. I wonder about talk that suggests the eternal sufficiency of our “Three Forms of Unity” as the basis for our denomination.

  70-412 MOAC PDF

Never to be overcome.

Why the Belhar Should Not Be a Confession

Why can’t the CRC make a simple statement about racism instead of trying to form a confession around this singular issue? The Belhar Confession was adopted at the nd General Assembly on June 22, by an overwhelming vote in favor of acceptance.

So, tell me, why do we in North America need to adopt this as a doctrinal standard? Archived copy as title Articles containing Afrikaans-language text.

Why the Belhar Should Not Be a Confession | The Banner

Profits encourage people to take risks and those risks have allowed for the development of many new medicines, surgical techniques and equipment, confesssion so on. Adopting the Belhar as a confession despite the deficiencies mentioned above will undermine our confessional integrity.

My father used to say that “as long as God gives us health we’ll be able to make it through this horrible situation.

I am trying to remind people we have confessions and that they are meaningful and useful! Inthe denomination’s st General Assembly submitted the proposal to the denomination’s presbyteries for ratification. I don’t think repeating those confessional formulations in the Belhar is necessary — and belyar I disagree with Dr.

Now, finally, they realize that the state cannot afford to maintain all the correctional facilities built to house the multitude of people addicted to alcohol and other drugs. I understand the role of “prudential discernment and differentiation. I worked for what I’ve got, I’m a self-made man, I did it all by myself, and the results are mine. At about the 15 minute mark Dr.


It binds us to a confeseion that was necessary in South Africa, but could well be counter-productive in North America. What works in a small town in South Dakota might be very different from what works in Chicago or New York. At his point we may have to simply agree to disagree.

Belhar Confession

Does the Belhar Confession make sufficiently clear that salvation is more than that? Profit is not a bad thing, even in the realm of health care and medicine. It allows the recipients to become dependent on such government contracts to sustain their private interests– and live lives of ease and sloth. Cooper maintains, there are “deficiencies,” lack of the necessary theological connections, ambiguities, redundancies, threats to conservative economic policies, etc.

Note to the CRC: I have not heard a good argument as to why any of these options would be good. PNR Thanks for your well-reasoned response. PNR said, “So far, the only real argument offered in favor of the Belhar is that we are racists. A government funded and run health care system in one setting may not only be the only option, but the best.

Belhar Confession – Wikipedia

We must bear in mind that the issue is not to prevent profit. Varied life experience has also apparently made a difference in our approaches to the “necessities. Those confessions–like the Belhar–are powerful but fallible reflections upon very particular confedsion challenges.