aux deux entrées d’une bascule DICE, il est possible de placer deux blocs combina- toires identiques .. est composé de deux verrous, un maître (master) et un esclave (slave). G.K. Maki, J.K. Hass, Q. Shi & J. Murguia. Circuit de verrouillage maître-esclave formé par un circuit de verrouillage maître USA * Rca Corp J-k’ flip-flop using direct. Elément de mémoire du type bascule maître-esclave, réalisé en technologie CMOS . Electron Horloger Bistabile logische kippschaltungsanordnung vom jk- typ.

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Ref legal event code: You observe that the rocker remains with state 0 extinct LED L0.

EP0225075B1 – Circuit de bascule maître-esclave – Google Patents

With this handling, you will check the operation of esclxve rocker D in the master-slave configuration. Figure 37 illustrates the time of presetting t sep up when the data to be memorized is on the level L. The fourth line indicates that the logical state 0 present in D is transferred to the exit Q on the rising face from the clock signal.

This case very is thus seldom used and certain manufacturers regard it even as interdict. The two chronograms of figures 37 and 38 are often joined together in only one in the catalogs of manufacturers, as shown in the figure ES Free format text: The symbol which one can see in column CLOCK of the truth table indicates a positive transition from the clock signal.

These two operating modes transparency and locking can be symbolized by a switch which would be ordered by the entry C. High-speed, asynchronous, No-Fall-Through, first-in-first out memory with high data integrity. The two chronograms of figures 40 and 41 can, in the same way that previously, being joined together in only one, as shown in the figure You note that the exit of the rocker MASTER follows the state of the entry, going to the state H L0 lit or to the state L L0 extinct when switch SW0 is commutated respectively on position 1 entry of the circuit to the state H or on position 0 entry of the circuit to the state L.


The figure 1-a represents a positive transition of L with H from a logical signal while the figure 1-b represents a negative transition of H with L from the signal. Form of the perso pages. Date of ref document: Between two successive rising faces of the clock, there is no possible change of the exit Q.

Static page of welcome. The exit Q thus passes to state 1. The exit Q remains with the state where it was right before the negative transition from C. Operation describes above, relating to the examined integrated circuit, is also that of any rocker of the type J. It is noticed that the entries of order of the two rockers are always located at opposite logical levels.

EPB1 – Circuit de bascule maître-esclave – Google Patents

There is thus swing of the exit Q which thus memorizes the data present in D at moment t1. There are also rockers requiring a negative transition from clock, i. Indeed, a synchronous rocker lays out, in addition to the entry of clock, one or more entries of information. One is led to the truth table of the figure b which gives the logical state of S according to the possible combinations of the logical states of the entries JK and Q. The rocker thus commutates to pass in a state complementary to the preceding state, that is to say state 1.

The figure 2-a shows a positive transition from a logical signal followed by a negative transition. It is not possible to envisage which of both will ignite, because that depends on the physical characteristics of the integrated circuit. It should be noted that if the entry of the reverser located between the two entries of order is connected in C’ and the exit connected out of Cthe rocker D MAIN SLAVE thus made up takes into account the data present in D at the time of the downward face of the clock signal.

FR Ref legal event code: Clock distribution circuit with clock branch circuits connected to outgoing and return lines and outputting synchronized clock signals by summing time integrals of clock signals on the outgoing and return lines.


K3 This type of rocker was used to produce meters. Year of fee payment: GB Free format text: These rockers have a synchronous operation as we will see it now. Right jaitre the first active face of the clock, the entries J and K are to 0.

Electronic forum and Poem.

Indeed, when the entry of order is on the level Hthe state of the exit follows the state of the entry.

The two rockers are identical and as you can jaitre it, basclue one of these rockers has five entries. FR Ref legal event code: DE Date of ref document: Let us draw the picture of Karnaugh figure 32 to find the equation simplest of S.

Kind code of ref document: We will see now that the effective commutation of the rocker can take place only at the time of the transition from the level L to the level H from the clock.

LI Free format text: It also should be held account owing to the fact that the reverser laid out between the two entries of order C and C’ has a threshold of swing lower than that of the other logical doors of the circuit figure a. Kind code of ref document: Click here for the following lesson or in the synopsis envisaged to this end. One chose these terms to highlight the fact that the second rocker is controlled to the esclaave as you will see it during this handling.

The second active face of the clock does not have an action on the exit Q of the rocker since it takes place when entry CLEAR is active, therefore priority. Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. Figure 44 illustrates time tpLH. This condition must however be avoided.

C of the type which you already examined in practice preceding, connected one following the other.