Kingmaker is a classic table-top board game that was sold in the late 70’s and 80’s by Avalon Hill. English Civil War, (Wars of the Roses), 14th century, House of . Kingmaker is a board game created by Andrew McNeil. It was first produced in the UK by PhilMar Ltd. in The second edition was produced by Avalon Hill in the United States in This version was somewhat different from the original, as it refined the rules. Alternate rules and suggestions for improving Avalon Hill’s classic board game. Additions include new combat rules and movement and seafaring changes.

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One of the beauties of Kingmaker is that a player who is dealt a weak hand at the start of the game is not necessarily doomed to lose, unlike in games such as Risk; the random events and the improvement of the original ‘hand’ with cards at the end of each turn can easily tip the balance of power.

Creative Guy1 Apr 5, 8: This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat If the result is “Bad Weather,” then the attack fails as usual. Very impressed to see this on here. Hasbro Wizards of the Coast. Hilp the bowl in between players’ turns. This rule encourages the use of Parliament.

If the noble has no cards, then consider him captured. Loyalty might change as the wind blows and a ruthless climb to power was often rewarded by betrayal and a cataclysmic xvalon.

Kingmaker, a table-top board game by Avalon Hill

The avalkn is fun because it’s a multi-player political wargame that is largely abstract, thus lacking a lot of the fussy detail required of a true historical simulation. The relationship could be viewed as the Royal Heir running the faction they travel with rather than the reverse. I just read about this game in a book called Eurogames, and here it is.


What follows is an attempt to correct these flaws in the most unobtrusive way while retaining the original flavor of the game.

With troops, he gives an unbalanced advantage to the player if he would be held exclusively. Those controlling the King may find themselves dragged to diplomatic meetings in remote and vulnerable seaside towns. This item has been added to your Subscriptions.

In the original rules, a noble in battle has an 8. Square pieces are used for the few ships in the game. The first person to crown their heir king is the first king of the game rather than starting with Henry and all the attendant power. Wherever possible, the result percentages in the dice tables below are based on actual card statistics or an attempt to mimic card stats.

Kingmaker | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

This way, he can pop up with any faction. Tabletop Simulator Store Page. In Parliament, in the Avalon Hill version, each noble uses their acquired voting strength in the House of Lords and the House of Commons to decide how to assign the spoils. Though they could be added easily as a separate deck.

Place the counter on the noble with whom the king is attached. If a royal heir is not present but the Captain of Calais is and he’s in Calaishe is killed. In this particular variant, the lines of succession are largely ignored. There can be some difficulty with some of the names of places and families, where kinfmaker players especially may be unsure of avalin pronunciation.


Added Event Cards When I set out to revise the rules to Kingmaker, I wanted to ryles so by adding as few new cards as possible. Victory Games James Bond This noble is the player’s for the entire game.

Leave King’s Pardon cards in game, but they must be used on the turn in which they are drawn. If this rule is used, Parliament is compulsory for all nobles.

Kingmaker by Avalon Hill: House Rules for 4-hour Game by Corbin Covault

Subscribe to download Avalon Hill’s Kingmaker. The game makes no attempt at reproducing the historical chain of events which occurred in the Wars of the Roses; the players are free to do as they see fit, which is likely to be quite different each time Kingmaker is played.

In the original game they had to be crowned to win. The game can benefit from ‘in house’ rule variations.

Kingmaker (board game)

However, reflecting the common view of uill time, where few really cared which royal house had the more “rightful” claim, there was as much fighting within the houses as between them. Round cardboard pieces with heraldic emblems represent the nobles’ current position on the map. Alternate Combat Rules sorry, I use percentile dice 2d One strong player can be brought down by several weaker players working together, and threats, promises and agreements can be easier ways kingmaekr get the desired results than by using brute force.