RLi wiring guide – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. RLi AUTOWATCH Rli ALARM/IMMOBILISER WIRING DIAGRAM. Cut. Autowatch RLi Alarm System. Autowatch RLi The RLi is the benchmark ABS level 4 alarm/immobiliser with anti hijack in South Africa. Standard. AUTOWATCH Rli ALARM/IMMOBILISER WIRING DIAGRAM. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. . NOTE B: IF YOU ARE UPGRADING A RLi OR RLi PRODUCT TO. THE.

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I have done some further research on this issue and it does not seem to restricted to this type of car or model of alarm. October 1, at 7: Thank you for your help. The Easy way to identify it is with the remote. Hopefully this will be a warning to others not to dabble with them! Going by your web site you say Thatcham is the best but this alarm is Thatcham and I can disarm it in seconds!

Rather then reply here with any autowacth info, flick me an email: Then what happens if you replace the battery? November 27, at 8: I have a Volkswagen Polo Playa 1. Hi my remote fell hard on the floor and the cover came lose with the printed circut falling outside after assembling the unit the red light did not work.


It is worth pointing out here that all tests are carried out on my bench and not in a vehicle. If the alarm has door open warning chirps turned on then the doors will not lock if a door, boot or bonnet is left open.

Autowatch Dealers

If you add an external turbo timer then you will not be able to arm the alarm until it stops running. Hi Phil, Autowatch alarm wiring information is 446tli available for public distribution. Either way I suggest that you contact someone local to look at the car for you. Autowatch will not allow wiring diagrams to be made available to the public.

The light on the fob is 446rli working but has no effect on the car. If not take a multi meter to it a check the voltage.

I am seeking online if there is a soft copy of the alarm. Proudly powered by WordPress. This time when I opened the car with 446lri key I set the alarm off as well.

The reason for this is that changing the wrong thing has the potential to damage both the alarm and the vehicle. Surely if zutowatch forces the lock with a screw driver or breaks a window and lifts the lock plunger the alarm will disarm also?

I just bought a used car that comes with auto watch If it is not because of a door being seen as open then you may have a poor wiring connection or a intermittent relay. March 27, at 8: Diagnostic Alarm Trigger Reports.


He manages the live database supporting your vehicles. Here is the second email: You can potentially damage both the cars electronics and the alarm if you select the wrong option.

Autowatch 446RLi Premium

Usually all doors lock when alarm armed and drivers door opens with first press and the other doors on second press. Just learnt from the shop I can disarm it when I leave it for car service. Like most other products from Autowatch, the alarm module is a joy to install. It just seems pointless having a garage door open button etc when 99 times out of it is never going to get used!

Autowatch Alarm 446RLi Alarm and Siren Only

Having said that this will only wutowatch possible if the installer has really made a big effort to hide it and I suggest that this should be discussed before the installation is carried out. January 13, at 8: It sounds like the LED plug may have been pulled out of the alarm. February 17, at 9: