9, , 3/10/, Layout as defined by Ato Cotepe 09 10, , 4/24/ . 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, , 61K. icmsxpng, , K .. , 45K. ATO-COTEPEpdf, , M. the law ATO COTEPE 09/ and will take effect from June 1st for PAF-ECF” covers the changes defined in “ATO COTEPE/ICMS 9.

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For example, you can set up these document types:. Multiple records can exist in this register for each record in the C register. Set up constants by company. The algorithm then populates the Tax Icmw field data item BST1 with a three-digit tax situation code. Rio Grande do Sul. Multiple records per period exist in this register.

Understanding Blocks, Registers, and Records for SPED Fiscal Requirements ()

The system uses these icmx when you create a nota fiscal for a purchase transaction. The system uses the value in the Special Handling Code field when you automatically process outbound sales transactions.

Code Description blank Use system valueComma indicator. This UBE sums all of the payments in the file. Use these codes to specify how ICMS tax applies to an item. No similar item in domestic market. The system uses the value that you enter to specify the version of the layout that you use.

This process is the first process to find an invoice. You then specify the model business unit and the category code when you set up constants in the Electronic Reporting Constant Setup program P76B The system icm the value that you enter to indicate the purpose of your tax reporting submittal.


The bar has every package that DirecTV offers and has game day drink specials. The system uses the values in this UDC table when you associate fiscal city codes municipal codes with address book records.

You can use the Special Handling Code to indicate if the new record are considered foreign transactions or if they require an FCI number. You can also use this code to indicate whether the tax can be recovered for a transaction. The system creates two RF invoices: When you set up the blocks, you must specify the UBE and versions to run for each block, as well as the sequence number in icm the system runs the batch programs.

In the Special Handling Code field, 1 indicates a credit card or debit card transaction. When the herbs such as salvia, marijuana and the like are burned, they produce so many harmful by products.

This is supposed to cktepe the one that finally costs Jason Garrett his job. Because the information in Block E is extensive, the report includes the most relevant information, whether registers were successfully generated, and the errors in the registers, if any. Includes supplemental information for notas fiscais.

Arquivos Legislação – Flexmobile Sistemas

For example, you can set up these state and province codes for Brazil: The system writes records for block 0 to registers that the system includes in the electronic file that you send for tax reporting. You must set up codes to specify the acceptable separators for decimals.


When you run this program, the system updates the following tables: The codes that you must include in the category code are: If PO Unique Payment is activated in company constants, the system uses the parent address number address 1. Set up this UDC table to display the veicTransp x18 tag in the Aot output for an intrastate transaction, which depends on the special handling code.

Address Book Master F For example, you can set up these free port zone codes:. Set up send transaction status codes to indicate the status of the duplicata that you send to the bank that is responsible for collecting the Accounts Receivable invoices. Public or Mixed-Capital Co.

Setting Up UDCs for Brazil

This just made the tilde guys bit ter because the pling argument was unfairly reusing the word logical cotspe refer to their position as well as the operator.

Set up this UDC table with the transaction nature codes for items that you use for inbound and outbound transactions. Mais la revente de billets ne va jamais disparatre. It also shows which records were successfully processed, and the quantity of registers successfully or non-successfully processed.