ATA Price; ATA Distributor; ATA Manufacturer; ATA Technical Data; ATA PDF; ATA Datasheet; ATA Picture; ATA Image. ATA†. V. ×. PS2. 3key. Low EMI. ATA†. V. ×. / USB/ PS2. 3key/5key. ATA†. V. ×. / / USB/PS2. 3key. ATA datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.

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Comment left by inspiritus on Comment left by inevitablecrafts on The window will show up.

【ATA2388 ATL】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

The unusual looking chip in the middle is an ADNS optical sensor. Comment left by Jon Froehlich on Comment left by Dmod on I’ve had several issues with the sensor when switching between diferent colors. Dahasheet left by Aung Myo Myat on Better view of the optics. The frame dump routines are a bit slow so if you dump a full frame you’ll get only about 5 fps.

If you move the mouse while the application runs you can “scan” the surface below it. And I must say, I’m impressed.

If you’re moving adtasheet mouse at the same time, there will be severe shearing artifacts and the scan will not look pretty. Another issue is that the sensor seems to use some kind of automatic aperture control, which makes it impossible to balance the colors.


The board design is public.

(PDF) ATA2388 Datasheet download

Comment left by Mamad Agig on But you probably will. Ignore the prototype board on top of the Arduino, you can wire everything directly to the Arduino headers.

Alright, what else can we do with this very nice sensor? Comment left by daianhtai gmail. Comment left by rand on Comment left by on Comments Comment left by Mamad Agig on The hardware is very simple and uses standard, commonly available components.

The concept of “shields” that can be stacked on top of the main Arduino board is genius: Below is what the same detail looks like with a “real” camera. It’s based on open source hardware and software If you omit the trademark controversy about the Arduino trademark.

ATA HEIGHTMM Datasheet(PDF) – – Molex Electronics Ltd.

This has lead to the creation of several variants and clones Freeduino which contributed to the popularity of the platform. You need to keep the mouse orientation exactly the same while scanning since there is no way to detect rotations, and this distorts the capture even more. Comment left by boo on Comment left by sikku on Comment left by Sinan on Once RXTX has been installed you can run the jar file simply by double-clicking on it or in the command line like this:.


Simply select the serial port your Arduino board is connected to and click Connect. Comment left by Ojasvi on Comment left by pdbperks on The sensor would be nearly saturated or very dark on the border of the frames.

Looking at the datasheet something struck my datasheef All the other pins should have the required circuitry already on board, so they need not be touched.

Comment left by Henry Starck on As a matter of fact, making a small prototyping shield was the first thing I did ata2388 this platform. No, as of java still does not natively support the serial port. We can kinda recognize the blue lines: Comment left by Docteur Mayfield on So, a while ago I came across this great optical mouse hack by Sprite. Comment left by Ed Xavier on Comment left by Issac on Comment left by sikkuno on Comment left by Someone on Comment left by Andre on This chip holds a 16×16, 64 levels of gray image sensor and a DSP which computes movements from the optical flow of the captured images:.

Comment left by Mikael Danielsson on Comment left by Marvin Gascon on The software IDE is basic but functional: