In his latest timelapse video, AstroFotografia, Miguel Claro explores Portugal’s exquisite night skies. The film brings together dozens of images. Miguel Claro is a Portuguese professional photographer, author and a the astronomy and photography Portuguese book “Astrofotografia – Imagens à luz das. Followers, Following, Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Miguel Claro Astrophotography (@miguel_claro).

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On the right edge of the picture — in the foreground — stands the Gran Telescope Canarias GTC with a 10,4 migudl primary mirror reflecting telescope was designed to incorporate the most up-to-date technology and it is one of the most advanced telescopes in the world, actually, the largest one until now in the optical-infrared system.

View from inside the Dolmen of Olival da Pega, a human silhouette represents the evolution of man from prehistoric times, the heavens contemplation and the importance of astronomy, as the oldest science in the world.

But I had special carefully with some things. But with the crescent light pollution is Increasingly difficult to distinguish the few bright stars in the middle of cities, so near the year 14the brilliant Vega in the constellation Lyra, is touted as the best north star. Despite attacks by Vikings over the years, Glendalough thrived as one of Irelands great ecclesiastical foundations and schools of learning until the Normans destroyed the monastery in and the dioceses of Glendalough and Dublin were united.

The margins on this site are tall and stony, and so tight that they have given rise to a legend that says that a wolf in hunting could transports them in a jump. Astrophotography by miguel claro official website from a. Stars around Casa Saramago. Image of a colorful startrail captured in the Monsaraz region, inserted in the Alqueva Dark Sky Reserve.

Sum of asrrofotografia images with a total integration of 6 minutes. Astrofotoggafia full spectral class for the Sun is then G2V, indicating a main-sequence star with a temperature around 5, K. Dragged Milky Way in the Church of Noudar.

The observable spectrum extends from radio waves to infrared, visible, ultraviolet, X-ray, gamma-rays and finally very high energy gamma rays starting at energies of 10 GeV. The relative abundance of the different ions varies with the temperature of the photosphere. Startrail Above the Clouds In this Starry sky full of trails we can see the different colors of each star, many of them from the Scorpius constellation, The strong path at the right side of the image, comes from the astrofogografia Venus.


Starry Vortex Image from Monsaraz region, one of the locations covered by the great Dark Sky Reserve area and that had the best dark sky measures in the process of Starlight validation. Double satellite flyby against FACT Telescope In this colorful startrail captured facing to northwest region, we could see behind FACT Telescope silhouette, the trail astrifotografia a double satellite flyby, possibly related to the Naval Ocean Surveillance System NOSS satellite formation, each having two or three satellites in close proximity to one another.

Scribd is the astrofotograria largest social reading and publishing site. MAGIC is not only huge, but also pioneers a number of technical developments that had never been applied to Cherenkov telescopes before. App For iOS and Android. Skygazing is more then a passion…becoming a life cllaro.

Orion Startrail above the Noudar Castle. The Alentejo region, meanwhile, was criss-crossed with efficient Roman roads, providing links to the wider Empire. Each color is directly related to the type and temperature of each star.

Biography of Miguel Claro

In the background, the beautiful light coming from the central region of Astrofotkgrafia Way, where the main stars of Sagittarius constellation are shining behind the telescope structure and surrounded by a region rich in emission nebulae, astrofotografi the Lagoon Nebula M8 and the Trifid Nebula M20or even M23 and M24, Omega nebula M17 and Eagle Nebula M16 — seen in the right edge of the picture in violet color — working as an impressive backlight that even without the presence of any other source of light, allow us to show the imposing dark silhouette of the FACT Telescope, with some of these nebulae and stars, reflected in part of the 9.

Sum of 15 images.

In the land, we could see the Monte Falperras hotel, Myself enjoying this beautiful and peaceful moment — full of meaning — as well as two olive trees, the much typical tree available in the fields of Alentejo region.


Many of the excavations were concentrated over the astrofotorgafia ruins or where there was evidence of subterranean structures associated with a Roman presence. In this colorful startrail, captured near the mountain top of the Roque de los Muchachos on the Canary island of La Palma, from left to right, we can see the Telescopio Nazionale Galileo TNGthat is a 3. The strong small path near the moon in the top edge of the image, belongs to planet Jupiter. More about Alqueva Dark Sky Reserve: The upper part of the gable window can be seen above what became the chancel arch, when the chancel now missing and the sacristy were added later.

Above the Migiel, stands the celestial equator, with the stars of Orion.

ESO Photo Ambassador Miguel Claro | ESO

After the sunset, the sky takes fantastic colors and warm tones full of life. A startrail of Magellanic Clouds around the South Astrofotografua. Covering sq km in southern Portugal the Alqueva Dark Sky Reserve is the first area in the world to be internationally certified as a Starlight Tourism Destination by the Starlight Foundation.

The westernmost point of this area is 3, km 2, mi from the North American continent. This church is unusual, it has a round tower or belfry with conical cap integrated with the church. In this startrail and moontrail captured in Los Canarios, Fuencaliente, Canary island, above the landscape full of pine trees, the strong path of moon shines side-by-side with planet Jupiter the trail above moonas well as the trails from Orion stars, Canis Major and Columba, near the cloudy horizon.

With this kind of precision the VLTI astrofotografoa reconstruct images with an angular resolution of milliarcseconds, equivalent to distinguishing the two headlights of a car at the distance of the Moon.