ASTM D – Water Washout. Significance and Use. This test method estimates the resistance of greases to water washout from ball bearings under. Grease type. Grease consistency. 60 X (NLGI 3). Base oil viscosity. @ 40°C (cSt). Water Washout,. ASTM D 79°C % loss. Simple Lithium soap. 6. The apparatus, in acc. with ASTM D , consists of a benchtop case supporting the motor, the bath, the pump and the water pipes. All the.

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Available request a quote. Product Description A grease sample is packed in a ball bearing and subjected to a steady water stream under controlled test conditions.

The percentage of grease washed out in a one hour period is determined by weight. The tared bearing and bearing shields are weighed before installation in the bearing housing and again after testing and drying to determine the amount of sample loss.

Consists of reservoir, bearing housing, circulation system and drive motor. Circulation system includes constant velocity carbon bearing gear pump, valves and flowmeter directing a controlled water flow to a capillary 1mm spray nozzle aimed at the bearing housing.

A two-pulley system permits independent pump operation to circulate water while heating it to test temperature. Mounted on a finished steel base with locating feet for permanent benchtop placement. Right-click to open the PDF in a new window or download it: Looking for a specific close-up?

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