Cambridge Core – Sociolinguistics – Arabic Sociolinguistics – by Reem Bassiouney. Reem Bassiouney explores how current sociolinguistic theories can be applied to Arabic and, conversely, what the study of Arabic can contribute to our. The first introduction to the field of Arabic sociolinguistics, this book discusses major trends in research on Arabic Sociolinguistics. Zoom Reem Bassiouney .

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Arabic Sociolinguistics | Georgetown University Press

In the glosses, whenever verb forms are fully analysed, the gloss follows the translation for verbs in the perfect which has a suffix conjugation in Arabicwhereas the gloss precedes the translation for the imperfect which has a prefix conjugationwhile the mood marking of the verb – if present – is glossed in its natural location at the end of the verb unit.

In this example, there is a clear compos- ite of two MLs: Both studies will be referred to and exemplified in the next section. The realisation of the MSA phonological variable q as g has been a major criterion in distinguishing between Bedouin and sedentary dialects. The forum had Iraqis from different sects and factions. In general, functional approaches to social phenomena necessarily represent incomplete taxonomies, and we could even expect them to, because in contrast to formal taxonomies, which begin with an assumption of comprehensiveness and exclusivity of categories, functional taxonomies begin with the assump- tion that new functions may be uncovered and are generally expected to be.

It should be of great benefit both to the student of Arabic and the general linguist with no knowledge of Arabic. The preposition ‘to’ is realised differently in four varieties. This is evidence that intrasentential code-switching between MSA and different colloquials is dependent on the community being studied to a great extent, and to the expo- sure of this community to MSA as well as the means of this exposure: However, Bentahila and Davies find acceptable examples in which this is not the case.


The verb is inflected for the feminine sin- gular: First, the term ‘educated Arabs’ seems vague. The third social arena is transac- tion: It is always a question of ‘more or less’, with no clear dividing lines between the levels.

Charts, maps and tables Chart 3.

Two semesters of research- leave from the University of Utah and Georgetown University have helped me focus more on this book. Arabic Sociolinguistics Topics in Diglossia, Gender, Identity, and Politics Reem Bassiouney This introduction to major topics in the field of Arabic sociolinguistics examines socjolinguistics issues in diglossia, code-switching, gendered discourse, language variation and change, and language policies.

There are system morphemes from both codes within this word, as discussed above.

Also, these lists can never be exhaustive, because they are linked to communities and how they vary. Thus, it is not easy to come up with one ML, since it is sometimes difficult to decide which code is being used in the first place.

In fact the opposite is true: However, before I list the groups of dialects or varieties in the Arab world, I want to clarify the distinction between a prestige variety and a standard one.

Nevertheless, Myers- Scotton’s theory of ‘a sociiolinguistics ML’ has more validity in any attempt at explaining the situation in the Egyptian community, and perhaps other com- munities in the Arab world, as will be clear below. The idea of islands, discussed earlier, seems to permit the occurrence of system morphemes from the EL, under the condition that these system morphemes occur with content morphemes from the EL as well in a maximal projection NP, PP etc.

ECA has a lexically different item for ‘woman’ from the other four varieties.

Arabic Sociolinguistics

Whether doing this is practical or not is a aarabic point. Each chapter starts with a discussion of classic work conducted on the west and then moves on to the Arab world.


According to Gumperz and Hymes 1 theoretical linguists analyse linguistic competence while sociolinguists analyse communicative competence.

Or should it be called language and culture, sociology of language, or language and behaviour? Instead, Ferguson placed much emphasis on the ‘external situation’ in determining language choice.

It is noteworthy, however, that in some cases the lexical differences are not very difficult to reconcile. Then I concentrate on specific vari- ables that trigger language variation and change, and finally I discuss diglossia and levelling. Just as there should be no switching possible between fi: Similarly, as far as the verb being implemented is concerned, the passive form is expressed in MSA by structures that have no morpho-semantic ana- logue in ECA.

For example, in MSA dual number is marked throughout: Thus the NP is neither Dutch nor Arabic in structure.

Black English Vernacular and Standard English. I will start with the latter.

Arabic Sociolinguistics (eBook, PDF)

Questions that arose from his definition of diglossia are summarised below. They in fact ‘viewed the recording as an excel- lent means by which the researcher could learn more about their language and dialect in particular’ The sister wanted to have special treatment from her brother, so she used their shared mother tongue.

Muhra, Mustafa’s ex-wife, summarises the dilemma of the Arab world neatly when she says that Mustafa still has ‘two tongues in his mouth, two hearts in his chest’ What this means exactly is that Mustafa, like all Egyptians and all Arabs, lives in araboc diglossic community.