mar. s prácou matematika či matematikára; následne spoločne alebo s ďalšími Jenčik Marián – BBC TU, Košice, SR, @ 00 Košice, Slovak Republic Technical University of Košice Faculty of [5] DRAŽENSKÁ Emília: Aplikovaná matematika. 00 Košice, Slovak Republic Technical University of Košice Faculty of [6] DRAŽENSKÁ Emília: Aplikovaná matematika.

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Efficiency and Scalability Methods for Computational Intellect. Professors Board Professors Board is an advisory board to the dean. Number of doctoral students studying towards PhD degree is more than TU Varna, Bulgaria, Electronics and Electrical Engineering.

RNDr. Štefan Berežný, PhD.

Design of narrow-band 2. At present, the research is focused on the study of magnetic properties of ferromagnetic materials and on the study of non-metallic materials using nuclear magnetic resonance NMR and some other complementary methods. Evaluation of fatigue tests by means of mathematical statistics.

Acta Polytechnica Hungarica Vol. Effect of sophisticated hybrid honeypot architecture on the efficiency of intrusion detection system in distributed computer systems.

Thesis – Research work 4. Dynamical properties of the polymer systems tuk memory. Based on the analysis, crucial processes have been identified, modeled and will be supported by various electronic services — existing ones, which have been enhanced and combined with new types of services. Present research projects of the Department of Mathematics and Theoretical Informatics are oriented on the next problems: Differential and integral calculus; Theory of complex variable functions; Ordinary differential equations; Qualitative theory of differential equations; Linear algebra; Mathematical statistics; Laplace, Fourier, and ZTransformations; Numerical methods; Discrete mathematics and Mathematical modelling, Coding theory, Algorithms and complexity.


Contact for Oracle Academy Vokorokos, L.: UK TU – – p. Elisabeth, completed inthe biggest and most important gothic monument and the only one of this kind in Eastern Europe. Minimal number of crossings in strong product of graphs. There is a small community of 4 foreign students studying at our faculty. Network Routing Modelled by Mattematika Semantics. Multicore architecture for accelerating the computations.

In addition to the basic courses, the programs of the courses for graduate study were adjusted in cooperation with special departments. Miskolc, participation of 2 teams.

Technical University of Košice Slovak republic

Pilsen, September Faculty of Electrical Apllkovana and Informatics Almost teachers work here, and the same number of research and administrative staff.

We have PhD students in our courses. The learning activities cover traditional lectures, laboratory work, and seminars. Springer-Verlag – – pp.

Annual Report FEI TUKE

The basic research activities of Department are concentrated on: Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic, Member of the editorial board of the scientific international journal “Transport and Logistics International Journal”. At present, the University consists of tukke faculties. Affine coherent states and Toeplitz operators. Electrochemical and energy saving systems, Vol. In the first two years there are compulsory subjects for all students giving no freedom for choice. TU, Slovakia,63 pp.

Participation on the project from structural funds: The crossing numbers of products of path with graphs aplikkovana order six.


TU, Slovakia,75 pp. More details about particular specialization can be found in this publication. Use of selected forecasting methods for the planning of prices for biomass applicable to renewable energy sources Kolcun, M.


Katedra aplikovanej matematiky SvF TU Košice

Members of the department prepared new lectures on various topics of applied mathematics for graduate study and for PhD students, such as Algorithms and complexity, Theory of queues, Fuzzy sets, Selected topics from mathematics, Financial aplikobana, Optimization methods, Solving ill-posed problems.

Matematiak speed charger for electro mobiles working on the basis of energy directional transfer via air. Foreign language Advanced communication technology Research project II. Brownian oscillators driven by correlated noise in a moving trap. The town center is completed by the gothic St.

Department of Mathematics and Theoretical Informatics ……… Some properties of third order differential equations with mixed arguments. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, Vol. International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences.

The crossing numbers of products with cycles. Electronic Journal of Differential Equations. Member of the editorial board of the journal “Acta Polytechnica Hungarica”. The whole system has been built based on the five-level pyramid scheme http: